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Kriya Yoga Sutras Online Training Webinar for Kriya Initiates

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Ketu_Yantra_laminated The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written sometime around the first century, contain precise information for proper practice of the soul-liberating path of Kriya Yoga.  To our current knowledge, the practice of yoga existed at least three thousand years before Patanjali arranged the teaching into what we call the Yoga Sutras.  His work distilled the essence of the philosophy and technique into four chapters of concise aphorisms that when contemplated, meditated on, and applied provide a direct route to personal experience of authentic spiritual growth.

In this course, you will learn to integrate your Kriya Meditation Practices with proper methods of contemplation to unlock the profound wisdom and power of the Sutras. Through this course, you will explore how the full 8 limbs of Yoga are applicable to your spiritual practices and daily living. The sutras can be complex and require much time and attention to understand.  After completion of this course you will also have been introduced to the proper methods of contemplating and realizing the meaning behind any authentic spiritual text of your choosing.

This online Webinar is divided into 2 separate sections to give proper time to practice and to integrate the teachings.

Section 1 Dates And Times
Sundays, October 5, 12, 19, & 26
9 AM – 11:30 AM Eastern Time Zone

Section 2 Dates And Times
Sundays, December 7th, 14, 21, & 28
7 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

All sessions will occur online via WebEx.  You will need a Free Account through WebEx.com to participate.  All live sessions include Audio and Video.  All sessions will be recorded and made available to participants as an .MP3 audio download within 24-48 hours after each class.  If you miss a class, you will still receive the download and can submit your questions via email to be answered at the beginning of the next class.

 As of this date, there are 4 spaces left.

Participation in the Introduction to Kriya Meditation Training is required to participate in this course.  It is in my mind that after practicing our Kriya meditation, the Sutras most easily reveal their depths.  If you are interested in participating in this Yoga Sutras Course and have not participated in the Kriya Meditation Training, I have made the recordings for that class available as an automatic download. See the following link:


Also, if you have been initiated by myself (Ryan Kurczak), at Center for Spiritual Awareness, or Self-Realization Fellowship and want to attend, send me an email to discuss participation.  Ryan@ashevillevedicastrology.com

You are welcome to reserve your space in both sections or just one section.  The choice is yours.

These classes are on a donation basis.

How To Think About Predictions in Astrology in Relationship to the Dashas

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How will the life of Vishnu unfold through time and space?

How will the life of Vishnu unfold through time and space?

Making predictions in astrology is complex.  Those astrologers who can rattle off successful predictions in the blink of an eye, are probably not focusing so much on astrological indications as they are using intuition and a great connection to their Ishta Devata and Lord Ganesha!  Personally, it takes me many hours and sitting with a chart over multiple days before I am able to see the interchange of all the numerous patterns and possibilities.  The following considerations are principles covered in detail in the Vimshottari Predictive Astrology Video Course and also from the chapter on dashas in The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume I.  The following thoughts and considerations can help you grasp the intricacies of successful Vedic Astrological prediction.

Initial Thoughts and Considerations

#1 – Knowledge of chart assessment is the first step in understanding Dashas.  When a karma is indicated by a planetary position, when the dasha of that planet arrives, it will stimulate that karmic expression.

#2 – Knowledge of house meanings and karakas allows us to see what areas of life will become active during particular dashas.  Karakas to know include indications of planets as natural significators, indications of planets owning a particular house, indications of planets as Jaimini significators, indications of planets owning houses from a significator (example: a planet owning the 3rd house from Mars for siblings, or a planet owning the 4th house from Mars for property).

#3 – The rashi chart gives us a glimpse into the general path a person will be on during each dasha.  Each house and planet is related to a particular divisional chart.  When a planet is activated by dasha, then the appropriate varga is assessed to see the rises and falls, the successes and failures of walking the path indicated by the rashi chart.

#4 – Knowledge of bhava cusps can show us the possible influences on other concrete areas of life, such as children (reading the chart from the 5th cusp), spouse (reading the chart from the 7th cusp), state of career (reading the chart from the 10th cusp), financial gains (reading the chart from the 11th cusp), younger siblings (reading the chart from the 3rd cusp), etc.

#5 – Transits give confluence to a dasha when they transit sensitive natal points that are related to the current dasha.  Example, if Venus dasha is running and Venus rules the 7th and it is in the 9th, and we have a transiting Venus or Jupiter aspecting or conjunct the natal 9th house and Venus, this can show more potency for relationship or marriage or commitment developing.

#6 – Planetary sub periods will give general results based on placement of the sub period lord from the mahadasha lord and also the planetary friendships between the mahadasha and sub period lord.

#7 – The nature of the nakshatra ruling the mahadasha lord can give clues as to how the planetary indications will develop and grow.  A dasha period of a planet in a supportive nakshatra from the janma nakshatra will prove favorable.  A dasha period of a planet in an unfavorable nakshatra as counted from the the janma nakshatra may show stress or difficulty.

#8 – Dasha and sub periods only give results when multiple karmic indicators for the same situation are activated at one time.  This is why our life does not change every time a sub period lord changes.


Introduction to Vimshottari Dasha Class Video


Analyze the Dasha results based upon the following:

Lordship: A dasha lord gives results according to houses over which it has lordship.

Position: A dasha lord will give results pertaining to the house in which it is placed.

Introduction to Prasna Astrology

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Thank you for all of your patience.  I know those of you who could not attend the Prasna Video Class this past Spring have been waiting for the videos to be released as a class.  It is now available as a downloadable video course through this link.  The Astrology of Omens – Prasna Astrology

Since the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II has been published I’ve been able to direct my time to editing videos from past classes.  I will aim to have the Vimshottari Dasha Class available in the next two months.  Currently I’m focusing extra time on developing an Astrological App for your phone that focuses on the results of Rahu and Ketu in the astrological birth chart.

Here is a video introduction to Prasna Astrology, which I consider to be the Astrology of Omens.


What would be the result of this action?

What would be the result of this action?

Prasna is an excellent tool to answer our pressing questions in life. Not everyone needs a full astrological birth chart reading. Sometimes we just have one or two burning questions that need answered to help us deal with a situation or gauge if this is the right time or not to take action.  By constructing an astrological chart for the moment a question is asked, gives us insights into the results of taking a certain action. This is the most accurate form of astrology in our current age, because it does not require a client to have an accurate birth time, or even a birth chart at all (although that can be helpful).

This course contains nearly 8 hours of video, using example charts and student interaction to delineate and explain the proper approach to begin practicing Prasna Astrology.  In this class, we will learn the basic principles to begin answering questions using Prasna.

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