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Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 2 – Sources of Strength

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Jaimini’s Sources of Strength

Jupiter and Mercury empower a sign to produce.

Jupiter and Mercury empower a sign to produce.

When Mercury, Jupiter or the lord of a sign rasi aspects itself, it empowers that rasi to manifest in a person’s life. Whatever cusp, karaka or pada is within that sign similarly gets empowered to manifest.

If Mercury, or Jupiter, or the lord of the 10th aspect the the 10th then that area of life represented by the 10th house cusp have great capacity to give success in career, status, fame and activity in the world. If it is only one of the three, strength is still there but to a lesser degree. The more sources of strength that influence that 10th house cusp the stronger it will come into being. This will be applicable no matter what house is involved in these rasi aspects.

Consider reviewing this previous video on rasi aspects:

For career specifically, we would be sure to compare both the 10th cusp in the birth chart and the 10th and 1st cusp in the 10th divisional chart or the Dasamsha. We could also check the strength of the Sun, the natural Karaka for 10th house matters, as well as the atmakaraka, and the ruler of the cusps.

If we are considering marriage or a person’s dharma, we would look to see if Jaimini’s sources of strength are influencing the 9th cusp in the Birth Chart, and also the 9th and 1st cusp in the 9th divisional chart (the Navamsha).

This principle is very important to remember when predicting with Jaimini Dashas.

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Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 1

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Ernst Wilhelm is the Creator of Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

Ernst Wilhelm is the Creator of Kala Vedic Astrology Software.

I’ve recently begun an in-depth study of the Jaimini predictive dashas with Ernst Wilhelm. I learn best by taking notes and exploring the techniques. The series of posts I plan on sharing over the next 8 weeks will consider the main points learned during this course of study as well as example charts from my database to help illustrate the major points. To get the most out of these notes, I highly advise Mr. Wilhelm’s three Jaimini courses. They will provide a solid foundation understanding in the basic principles in the Jaimini System. I can’t recommend them enough. See these links:

Jaimini Upadesa Sutras I – Taught by Ernst Wilhelm

Jaimini Upadesa Sutras II – Taught by Ernst Wilhelm

Jaimini Upadesa Sutras III – Taught by Ernst Wilhelm

Considering Jaimini Dashas

There are rasi dashas that predict for longevity (of which there are 5) and rashi dashas that predict for the manifestation of events and losses. I will be sharing my notes specifically on the rasi dashas of Jaimini which deal with the manifestation and losses in our lives.

There are 12 Jaimini rasi dashas that predict events other than longevity. Each dasha has a particular use and predicts different aspects of a person’s life.

We need to consider the difference between Jaimini Rasi dashas and the Vimshottari dashas. Vimshottari is a Nakshatra based system, which focuses on the placement of the Moon. This indicates that the Vimshottari system deals primarily with our feelings of experiences that occur. The Jaimini dashas are rasi or sign based. It deals with the movement of the Sun around the earth. This indicates the concrete manifestation of events because that is the correlation of the Rasi to our life experience. The Jaimini Dashas do not deal with how you feel about the situation, they show whether it occurs or not. Vimshottari deals with our consciousness. Jaimini Caranavamha dasha deals with the manifestation of the body or concrete event the sign represents.

We can see that the Vimshottari Dashas are Planetary and the Caranavamsa is sign based.

We can see that the Vimshottari Dashas are Planetary and the Caranavamsa is sign based.

The primary Jaimini dasha we want to consider is the Caranavamsa dasha. To use the Caranavamsa dasa we have to know if a sign has the capacity to manifest. The signs that are rashi aspected Jupiter, Mercury or the lord of that house, is capable of manifesting that rashi and all that is associated with that rashi. Influences of these three on a sign is said to be a Source of Strength according to Jaimini.

Kriya Yoga Sutras Online Training Webinar for Kriya Initiates

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Ketu_Yantra_laminated The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written sometime around the first century, contain precise information for proper practice of the soul-liberating path of Kriya Yoga.  To our current knowledge, the practice of yoga existed at least three thousand years before Patanjali arranged the teaching into what we call the Yoga Sutras.  His work distilled the essence of the philosophy and technique into four chapters of concise aphorisms that when contemplated, meditated on, and applied provide a direct route to personal experience of authentic spiritual growth.

In this course, you will learn to integrate your Kriya Meditation Practices with proper methods of contemplation to unlock the profound wisdom and power of the Sutras. Through this course, you will explore how the full 8 limbs of Yoga are applicable to your spiritual practices and daily living. The sutras can be complex and require much time and attention to understand.  After completion of this course you will also have been introduced to the proper methods of contemplating and realizing the meaning behind any authentic spiritual text of your choosing.

This online Webinar is divided into 2 separate sections to give proper time to practice and to integrate the teachings.

Section 1 Dates And Times
Sundays, October 5, 12, 19, & 26
9 AM – 11:30 AM Eastern Time Zone

Section 2 Dates And Times
Sundays, December 7th, 14, 21, & 28
7 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

All sessions will occur online via WebEx.  You will need a Free Account through WebEx.com to participate.  All live sessions include Audio and Video.  All sessions will be recorded and made available to participants as an .MP3 audio download within 24-48 hours after each class.  If you miss a class, you will still receive the download and can submit your questions via email to be answered at the beginning of the next class.

 As of this date, there are 4 spaces left.

Participation in the Introduction to Kriya Meditation Training is required to participate in this course.  It is in my mind that after practicing our Kriya meditation, the Sutras most easily reveal their depths.  If you are interested in participating in this Yoga Sutras Course and have not participated in the Kriya Meditation Training, I have made the recordings for that class available as an automatic download. See the following link:


Also, if you have been initiated by myself (Ryan Kurczak), at Center for Spiritual Awareness, or Self-Realization Fellowship and want to attend, send me an email to discuss participation.  Ryan@ashevillevedicastrology.com

You are welcome to reserve your space in both sections or just one section.  The choice is yours.

These classes are on a donation basis.