2011 Astrology Influences

Saturn in the New Year

Saturn’s Astrological Influence 2011 – Work, service, and the spiritual source of peace of mind.

On New Year’s Eve, I decided to create the astrological chart for 2011, based on the moment the Sun met the horizon for the East Coast. The first astrological energy that drew my attention was Saturn’s dominance in Virgo, the 10th house, the house of work, vocation and purpose.   The first portion of this writing will deal specifically with Saturn’s influence on the collective consciousness.  Through out the month of January, I will also be discussing all the planetary influences for 2011 and how they weave together to understand the tapestry of the year ahead.

In Saturn's Shadow

Saturn is the teacher, the disciplinarian, the hard worker. He represents suffering, obstacles, and delays. Emotionally, Saturn’s energy creates lethargy, depression, doubts and despair. On the positive side, Saturn is also the planet of structure, form, commitment, dedication, steadfastness, discipline, organization, control, and good time management.

It is said, that when Saturn is angry with you, he will take everything away from you. When he is pleased with you, he can grant you a kingdom.

Now, Saturn’s influence on 2011 shows that, if we are caught in the grips of past negative conditioning about our innovativeness and ability to move forward, we may find our careers, vocations, and purpose marked by setbacks and blockages. We may continue try to excel and succeed in ways that are no longer appropriate to our current situations. Saturn is reigning in our forward momentum, because, just maybe, the forward direction we’ve been going, is no longer appropriate.

The positive power of Saturn is cautious and thoughtful. By being driven within to reevaluate our actions and our sense of self, space is created.  Letting this space and stillness unfold, which can seem painful to people who are not much interested in reflection and wisdom, is necessary to find the right course through the sea of life.

What is recommended to work positively under the gaze of Saturn?

To take note of those areas of your career, work, vocation and purpose that seem to be coming up against walls and set backs. Take time to reflect on your actions. Are there simpler, more regular disciplined actions you could be taking that would keep your work momentum flowing forward? Saturn loves discipline and simplicity. One small disciplined step, rather than a haphazard explosion of uncontrolled energy in the work arena, will give far greater strides throughout the year.  In the realms of Saturn, slow and steady wins the game.  Reflect on regular duties or actions you can take in career, and commit to a regular schedule of attending to these tasks on a defined schedule.

Saturn also has a direct effect on our mental and emotional nature. Check back in three days for information on how to positively work with Saturn’s influence to encourage peacefulness and faith during the year 2011…