2011 Astrology Influences

Jupiter 2011

We have spoken of Saturn. Now let us turn our attention to Jupiter in 2011.

Jupiter began 2011 in Pisces


The rising sign for 2011 is Sagittarius. This constellation is ruled by Jupiter. The qualities of Sagittarius are that of idealism, fairness, striving for freedom, aspiring, humanitarian, and both physically and mentally vigorous. This is a strong sign.

Within Sagittarius in the horoscope for 2011 is Rahu, Sun, and Mars. These are very outgoing planets. They show ambition, drive, and potentially over zealous willfulness. The Sun and Mars are both good friends with Jupiter, and so while these planets can be overbearing from the egoic standpoint, the fact that they are in Sagittarius, a sign of higher knowledge and philosophy, shows a strength towards being true to our selves. Having Rahu in Sagittarius with the Sun and Mars, does show some uncomfortableness along the way. Rahu is the pioneer, and the outcaste, and so may bring about some discontent from others, as we learn to move into our truer more dynamic selves.

Sagittarius is the Rising Sign for 2011

Sagittarius is the Rising Sign for 2011

Jupiter is in the fourth house of this chart, in its own sign of Pisces. It is only at 2 degrees. This shows its youthfulness and dynamism comingforth as the year faces the challenges of growing up, and growing into wisdom, while learning to have a steady vision and solid ethic towards service.  Saturn’s gaze from the 10th house will make sure that the potential for growth is well contained, and doesn’t turn into a spoiled exuberance that quickly blows itself out.  Being true to our selves this year is not about the personality, but for the whole of humanity.

Jupiter is at 2 degrees of Pisces at the Beginning of 2011

Jupiter in the fourth house (emotions, home and family life) gives support from the family, and from our spiritual heart. As we grow through the year, we may need to turn to our families (those people whom we are deeply connected to) for support, wisdom, and guidance. Also, taking the time to cultivate family-like ties will do well.  We will find healing and strength both within our families, and by turning within to our inner heart often.