Ketu in Gemini 2011

Ketu, The South Node of the Moon

Ketu is currently in Gemini. It has been there since November 2009, and will remain through the beginning of June 2011.  In regards to the horoscope for 2011, Ketu inhabits the 7th house of relationships, spouse, and business partnerships.

Ketu is a planet of movement, action, intensity, and transformation. Wherever it is placed within a chart it can give an intense opportunity to transform the qualities of that placement. Being in the 7th, Ketu can create extreme change and rearrangement in the area of partners. This can be traumatic or it can be a breathe of fresh air. It depends on how you work with the energy of Ketu.

Since Ketu is also in the mental sign of Gemini, it may indicate simply a new way of thinking about partnerships and seeing partners in a new light. Saturn is aspecting this 7th house and Ketu, and thereby increases the intensity a bit. Imagine trying to break free or wiggle around for more space, but the walls keep getting a little tighter.  Saturn is the tightness, and Ketu is the energy that wants more room.

Gemini - Photo by Jerri Lodriguss

Ketu is also an indicator of Liberation, spiritually speaking. So if you are in the process of changing relationships because you are growing spiritually, or you are not interested in continuing old conventional roles, even though Saturn will try to press you to remain conventional, this will prove a good time to make the break you’ve been looking for.

These indications will set the tone for relationships created during this year. Also, if you have Ketu in the 7th house of your chart, or in Gemini, these indications will become even more intense for you.

Ketu can give a strong urge to transformation, and spiritual growth. He can also give a strong urge to break away violently from relationships. Where ever he is, there will be a sense of discontentment, driving us inward to find our own answers from the heart.


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