Spiritual Growth

Yoga, Enlightenment, and Vedic Astrology

This past week traveling through Scotland and Southern England was enjoyable and illuminating.  The following talk was given on June 3rd, 2011 in Somerset, England, Poplar Farm at the annual Spring Kriya Initiation Weekend hosted by Center for Spiritual Awareness Minister Richard Fish.  For more information about these annual offerings, please see http://www.kriyayogacentre.org.uk/.

The information covered in this short talk includes how Vedic Astrology can optimize your life and help guide you to your goals. I also discuss how regular meditation practice, specifically Kriya Yoga meditation, quickens one’s evolution and helps us rise above our karma to experience Soul Liberation.

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  1. Thank you Ryan for posting this. It is a great way to remind me what Vedic Astrology is. It was my first time to heard about it, really. I hope you could post more talks with different topics about Vedic astrology, sure its a big help for beginners like me. Certainly, I would like to understand more about it and know exactly what my astrological sign says about me. May God guide you always.

    Love and Peace,