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Vedic Astrology Transits

The following excerpt on Transits is from the upcoming book by Richard Fish and Ryan Kurczak, soon to be published by CSA Press.

“A transit refers to the passage of a planet through the zodiac at a particular point
in time. The constantly changing planetary positions (transits) are used in
reference to the birth chart or horoscope, which depicts a diagram of planetary
positions frozen in time and space. A transit chart can be created with reference
to the birth chart in order to observe the relationship between the two charts. The
transit chart will indicate those planets and areas of the birth chart which are
being activated by the transit chart.

When using transits it usually the current positions of planets that are being used
in order to understand the influences affecting ones life. In order to do this you
will need an Ephemeris (a publication giving the daily position of the planets). It is
not usually necessary to draw a separate transit chart. The transits of the
relevant planets can simply be noted or recorded in pencil around the outside of
the birth chart.

As an example let us suppose that the current position of Jupiter is found to
coincide with the rising degree of your Ascendant. The likelihood is that you will
be feeling more optimistic than usual. Agreeable circumstances are more likely to
be encountered and so on. Throughout the 12 month period that Jupiter takes to
transit your Ascendant sign you will tend to experience the influence of the planet
on your general outlook on life. Matters associated with the house position of
Jupiter and the houses that it rules in your birth chart will make some sort of
impact on your life.

Of course, we should consider the positions of all the planetary transits – not just
one in isolation. Perhaps at the same time that Jupiter is in your 1st house
transiting Saturn is passing through your 10th house, indicating that this is also a
time when you find yourself having to pay greater attention to your career –
perhaps there are added responsibilities in the work-place. In this way we can
build up a picture of your current situation and circumstances.

Transits, just like dashas, will never contradict the basic indications of the birth
chart. They only serve to help us understand when the potentials indicated in the
natal chart are likely to manifest. Dashas and transits are tools for determine the
correct timing of horoscopic factors.”

Copyright Richard Fish and Ryan Kurczak 2011