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Vedic Astrology Recommended Reading

Vedic Astrology, (aka Jyotish), is learned through guidance from a competent astrologer, self study, practice, and the reading of books. Books are usually the first step most people take on the path to understanding this Science of Light. There are a number of good books available on the subject. I’d like to recommend one that got me started on this path, and that I still refer to frequently after 8 years of study and practice.

#1) Beneath A Vedic Sky, is my most utilized reference book. It holds a wealth of basic information, and also clearly outlines what planets mean when they are in conjunction, in specific houses, and specific signs. It’s description of astrological combinations are very useful.  If you had a copy of your Jyotish horoscope, you could understand what the chart means for you.


There are a number of more advanced, traditional works, that I refer to now, but Beneath a Vedic Sky was the book that laid the ground work for me to understand and utilized the works of the ancient astrological sages from India.