Will Astrology Help You?

An astrologer who knows what to look for, can determine almost immediately if a session, or a remedial measure will be effective for you.  To put it more specifically, what they can determine is if the client will be able to hear and understand the information, or will have the will power or strength to actually make the efforts to change future outcomes.

If the astrologer sees certain planetary alignments, that indicate a person may not have the self awareness, access to grace,  or will power to change their lives, the session becomes more delicate. Now the astrologer can do his/her best to find ways to share the necessary information, or inspire the client.  Often all the astrologer can do is share the information, and surrender.

What are the planetary alignments to look for that show if we will be able to fully benefit from an Vedic Astrological Session?  I’ll list them below.  However, this information may be more pertinent to astrologers, since it is astrologically technical.  Of course, it is useful to everyone, because if you know you have these alignments, you can set your self to strengthening your will, and opening yourself more to grace, to alleviate the negative effects.

The 5th and 9th House – Indicators of Good Fortune and Grace

These are houses of grace, and good fortune.  If these houses have malefic or cruel planets influencing them, it makes a person less able to benefit from their grace or good fortune.  It looks like this.

Mercury as a Benefic

Let’s say person #1 has two very benefic planets such as Jupiter or Venus in one or both of these houses.  Often that person, hardly has to do anything at all to have good opportunities fall into their lap.  Or if person#1 is given a few remedial measures to correct negative karmas in their chart, those remedial measures work almost immediately and easily as if by magic.

Let’s say person #2 has two very cruel planets in these houses, such as a negatively placed Saturn, Mars or Ketu. This person will often have to struggle for opportunities, or if they are given good advice, their pessimism or lack of self awareness won’t allow them to benefit from from such advice.  They may be overly critical of the help they are given, and even reject it.

5th and 9th House Lords – Vehicles for Good Fortune and Grace

Should the ruler (or the planet that owns that house) of the 5th or 9th houses be strongly aspected by benefics, in a prominent placement, or placed with the moon or ascendant, this person will naturally also have things work out well for them. They will also easily experience the benefits of a good remedial measure, such as a gemstone, yagya, or mantra practice.  Their consciousness is easier to direct to a more positive and graceful place.

Mars can be motivating or injurious

Should the ruler of the 5th or 9th house lords, be poorly placed, debilitated, or strongly aspected by malefics, it will seem like this person has bad luck, or no matter what they do, things go wrong. Remedial measures still work, but they take more energy and effort on the part of the individual. Good things can still occur for this person, but they will come about more from the person’s determination and will power to rise above these negative influences. And the problem with this is, that people with this placement often can’t see the point or the value in doing such a thing, or they give up too soon.



The Ascendant or Rising Sign – One’s basic temperament

We must also remember the influence of the ascendant. This is our general personality, how we project our selves to the world, and how we

Classic Saturn and Mars Influence

experience life. If the ascendant is well supported, the person will experience more ease in accomplishing their goals. If it is not, the person will have to rely more on personal grit and motivation.

“Good” and “Bad” planets are not black and white either. If Saturn and Mars, (two planets generally termed hard and cruel) are strongly aspecting the ascendant one can still be extremely successful, as these are planets of drive, endurance and motivation. Now, they may not accomplish their goals in the nicest way, as these two planets together can be ruthless, but they will still get the job done.

Too Much Venus, Mercury or Jupiter

Similarly, Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus aspecting the ascendant can give an easy life, but sometimes, they can make life too easy.  A person may easily accomplish goals, but should a situation arise that requires tenacity, will power, and toughness to get through, they can easily crumple, as they are not used to moving through difficulties.

What is best is to have a positive balance of the hardness and endurance and will power of the malefics and the openness to grace and good fortune of the benefics.  This way, we can handle any situation that comes our way.  We are then able to put forth the energy needed for our astrological healing remedies to work, as well as being open to the grace, that can do what we cannot.

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  1. In case of Gemini ascendant, Would you consider saturn(lord of 9th house) placed in 5th house a cruel planet and make a native struggle for opportunities? venus in 11th house also aspect saturn(retrograde) in 5th house.



    • Saturn can always cause struggle, but 5th lord in the 6th in Moolitrikona will empower one to over come enemies and 6th house issues. It gives success through perseverance.