Remedial Measures

Astrological Gems Remedial Measures



When a planet is weak or afflicted in the birth chart there are a variety of measures
that can be taken in order strengthen or balance the energy and qualities of that planet.
The most frequently used remedial measures are the wearing of a gemstone or the regular
recitation of a planetary mantra (a sequence of sounds that have a vibrational influence
that modifies the manner in which a planets energy becomes manifest).

Although appropriate planetary mantras are safe to use they require some time and
attention to their practice. For this reason many people will go for the easy option –
wearing a gemstone. The problem with a gemstone, whether worn as an astrological ring
or as a pendant, is that it enhances the energy of a planet for better or for worse. Thus a
weak planet will have its strength increased by wearing the appropriate gemstone but this
can do more harm than good if the planet owns difficult houses. If a planet is classified
as a benefic for a particular Ascendant it’s gemstone can be safely worn. Never wear the
gemstone of a planet that has a malefic relationship to the Ascending sign.

The gemstone of the planet ruling your ascendant can be worn throughout your
life as it will have a strengthening influence on the body, vitality and other 1st house
indications. Other appropriate stones can be worn on a long term basis or for the duration
of the planets dasha.

Wearing gemstones can be an expensive business but need not be so. Gemstones
should be of a high quality and free from any imperfections, so if you decide to go for the
primary gemstone it is likely to be an expensive purchase. For this reason there are certain
secondary or substitute stones that are less costly but can be equally effective. These are
generally worn in the form of a pendant or necklace as their recommended size can often
make them impractical to be worn as astrological rings.

There are several important points that need to be born in mind when planning to
wear an astrological gemstone. One is that the stone must be in contact with the skin, the
other is that the time that the stone is first worn permanently is governed by certain
astrological considerations.

There are a number of considerations that a skilled astrologer can ascertain, either for general well-being or for specific purposes.

Astrological Gemstone Remedial Measures For Each Planet

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