Astrology Influence 2012

Saturn and Jupiter or Shani and Guru 2012

Saturn Entered Libra on November 15th, 2012

Saturn has moved into Libra as of November 15th, 2011.  Saturn will continue moving forward through Libra until February 8th, 2012.  From February 8th, through May 13th, Saturn will move backwards in a retrograde fashion, until it returns to Virgo until August of 2012.

Strengthened Commitment or Restricted Relationships

Saturn in Libra is exalted.  It is at the highest manifestation of its power, which mean it is as strong as it gets. Depending on your relationship with Saturn (which is determined 1st by your natal chart, and 2nd by your attitude), Saturn can either bring about stronger and deeper commitments, as well as a focus on practical issues to improve relationships, or he can create a feeling of oppression, despondency, delay, and restriction in relationships.  Saturn can also create obstructions in business partnerships, or if Saturn is well placed in your chart, it can create great focus and determination in committing to mutual goals with business partnerships.

Luckily we have the blessings of Jupiter, aspecting Saturn to bring out the benefic influences.

Jupiter will resume his forward momentum in Aries on December 27th, 2011. (He’s been retrograde for a while.) He will continue forward momentum until May 16th, 2012 when he will enter Taurus.

More Optimism and Ability to Accomplish Goals or Self Centeredness and Trusting Things Will Work Out without Proper Action

Jupiter in Aries will give greater optimism, and ability to happily accomplish goals quickly.  It is a period of growth and movement in regards to self empowerment. If you have leadership qualities, they can be activated now.  If you are skilled in promoting philosophies, ideas, or selling and marketing, you will be supported.  If Jupiter is negatively placed or weak within the chart, you may be overly optimistic about what can be accomplished. There can be a lack of proper action, trusting that things will “just work out.”  You may also be prone your self, or subjected to

Jupiter in Aries

other people with false pride, self-centeredness, and and fanaticism.

Keep in mind, our experiences with the planets is based on our own natal chart or horoscope. Transits can only give what is promised in the birth chart.  If it’s not in your horoscope, it’s not going to happen.