Neptune and Pluto

Introducing the Outer Planets to Vedic Astrology

A week or two ago, I was inspired to explore the power of outer planets and how they may work in Vedic Astrology.  I remembered, my Vedic Astrology teacher Richard Fish (who also studied Western Astrology for 30 years or so) mentioning that he has used the outer planets very well to determine what special challenges a person was currently going through in life.  So I googled it. One of the first things that showed up was an audio class with Ernst Wilhelm, creator of Kala Astrological Program (which I use) and creator of

I listened to his course on these planets, and found their influence to be very telling.  They made a lot of sense. I will begin sharing what I learn from these planets in the chart descriptions that follow this post.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto Gateways to Transcending Our Small Sense of Self

Pluto shows where our ego is challenged in this life, to drive us further to our true sense of fulfillment.  It shows where we will be frustrated again and again, and directs us to the proper course to resolve the frustration.

Uranus shows where we are challenged to manifest our inspiration to shine the sacred individuality of our soul.

Neptune shows what we pine and long for, and how we will find our satisfying connection to something greater than our selves.

The outer planets relationships to the signs, houses and natal planets of the birth chart, can help us understand our character and personality and how to transcend it.