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Difficulty Having Children Horoscope

The following chart illustrates a horoscope with severe affliction to child bearing and children.  She has been in the process of trying to get pregnant and has a fertility treatment scheduled for this coming Spring.  After looking at her chart, advising remedial measures, and stating it may be best to wait 3-5 years before trying, she expressed, “but that will make my life utterly miserable!”

That is a true statement, I’m sure, as she is currently in her Sade Sati period, or Saturn’s transit over the Natal Moon, and during this March, during the time of her treatments will be the Saturn/Moon/Saturn Dasha, indicating a very strong karma of suffering around this issue, which she confirmed.

How do we assess these indications?

Difficult conception/children Main Horoscope Chart.

Her ascendant is Cancer, the natural mother, the Moon rules Cancer and is placed in Scorpio, where it is debillitated.  This is also her 5th house house, which shows her strong attachment to children.  The Moon is with Saturn, a malefic and ruler of the 7th and 8th houses, houses noted for their association with death and long term illness.  This creates great depression and suffering (Saturn) in her mind (5th house) and emotions (Moon), specifically around children (5th house again).

Venus in the 5th with the other planets, adds no ease to this, as Venus rules the 4th and the 11th houses.  A benefit ruling an angle is said to repress it’s comforting factors.  The ruler of the 11th house, can give injury from desires and lack of surrender.  Also, Venus is very near Pluto, giving strong ego challenges and crisis around love and relationships.

Next we see Mars, the ruler of the 5th house (children and mental peace) is in the 6th, a house of obstacles and accident and extreme effort. The dispositor of the house Mars is in is also debillitated.  Being in the same house with Ketu, Neptune and Uranus, do not add any help. The most influential factor, because of tightness of degree comes from Neptune.

Back to Jupiter.  Even though Jupiter aspects the ascendant, it cannot provide much support other than giving the person a false sense of hope, without the necessary energy to empower them to take actions to do what they need to do.  Jupiter is also the significator for children.  Being debillitated further adds confluence to the lack of physical and emotional stamina to successfully bear, or even raise a child well.

Navamsha Supports the Difficulty Having Children, But Also Shows the Power of the Soul to Overcome It.

From the Navamsha (9th divisional chart) we have further confluence.  Saturn, Sun and Mars are in the 5th house. Saturn still gives extreme effort and obstacles and danger to one’s health from children, and the Sun though a friend of Mars is still too close to Mars and too separative of an influence ruling the 2nd house.  Mars though is in his own sign.  Saturn being vargottama (in the same sign in navamsha as rashi) does also show that surrender, and atoning for past “sins” relating to children can give the ability to bear.  The healing needs to come from a soul level first, as the navamsha represents our inner soul.

The husband’s chart is a different matter.  He has Jupiter exalted (although retrograde) in the 5th, and the ruler of children in the 7th, in a great friend’s sign.  So while there is still trouble from his chart, there is better support for children.  Also, it is interesting to note, that he goes into a Jupiter dasha on August 2015.  This timing coincides with the assessment of the wife’s chart, to wait until then.  The Jupiter period for the husband will begin, and the wife will be out of her Sade Sati Period, at least the most difficult part of it, as well as beyond a difficult portion of her current Mahadasha.

Once more, this is difficult, but the proper remedial measures and atonement can go a long way to ameliorate the karma and exhaust it.  Then child bearing can be easier.

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  1. Hi,

    Would you do a similar analysis of my birthchart? I have the same issue. My birth sign-moon is scorpio. Born on 12th May 1979 at 2:15 pm in Goa, India.

    Some explanation might give me the much needed emotional strength to be patient.


    • Hi MV: Take a look at my services page. We can set up a session if you like. Currently I’m not available unless we schedule. Most examples given on this site are of past experiences.