Rahu and Ketu

Rahu in the 7th

Rahu and Ketu are the points where eclipses occur.

Question: “I would like to know what in my horoscope is Ketu which is located in the 1st house, and what of Rahu in the 7th house. I want to know what is their position in the individual houses and what impact their position is my life.”

Response: “Rahu in the 7th can give association with foreigners or people outside of your caste. It can attract addictive personalities, or people of a very sensual nature. Rahu represents fears and phobias, and so can create a lot of confusion in relationships. It can also make relationships start out well, and then fall through in an explosive crisis.

Ketu is good for intuition, and renunciation of the world. It can give an explosive personality, and being in scorpio can make one very interested in deeper psychology, and also teaching. One could make good income through teaching, research and psychological or spiritual pursuits. ”

Question: “Does Rahu always create havoc AND make sure the relationships fall apart? or IF things go bad in a relationship he will make sure the relationship falls apart? ”

Response: “Not always, but really, we need to assess the chart as a whole to see how Rahu is functioning.

Some positive benefits show good relationships with foreigners, or the partner may live or work far from home.  It can give out of the ordinary or non traditional relationships (of course in the past, non traditional was considered a bad thing) or taboo relationships.

Rahu breaks down boundaries, and can challenge social norms.  It can make a person deal with others in clever fashion.  Material prosperity can often improve after marriage because of this.  ”

If you are concerned about the nodes in the 7th house, I’d advise either having an experienced astrologer assessing your situation, or if you prefer to not wait on an astrological reading, check out the relationship and compatibility report options below.

I usually don’t advise computer generated reports, as I feel an astrologer needs to directly assess all the components of the chart, but if the techniques are simple and logical, they are correct. Thereby indicating a computer can synthesize them!

Here are the links to the reports I’ve found to be accurate and enlightening.

Vedic Relationship Compatibility
Relationship Capacity for Women
Relationship Capacity for Men

Here are the Basics that these reports consider:

The Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report cuts to the chase and looks at the bottom line of you and your partner’s relationship.

  • Does your relationship flow in such a way that there is room for both of you to feel loved and respected?
  • Are you naturally attuned to each other or are you on a different wavelength?
  • Will destiny obstruct your relationship making it impossible for you to be completely together, or will any present obstacles in the way of your full commitment to each other go away in time?
  • Does your relationship attract endless troubles and difficulties, or will it settle down and allow you to build a productive life together?
  • Are you both equally assertive so that you can have a true partnership without one person dominating the relationship?
  • And the bottom line – will your relationship flow in such a way that you both become better, happier people and more loving?”