Remedial Measures

How to Choose an Astrological Remedy

Question: “What methodology do you use for choosing remedial measures, Ryan?”

Response: “For a long time I would assess the house placements, their lords and strengths of the individual planets, and if one of the friendly

Gemstones, properly proscribed can alleviate astrological difficulty by strengthening the stressed planet, so you have more energy to take appropriate action.

planets to the ascendant was under a lot of stress, I would advise gemstones for that.  Of course I would also assess this from the moon sign, and the sun sign, and the navamsha lagna, before deciding.Mantras I would advise as well, for any planet that was causing difficulty, as well as service or charity, and I would also advise yagyas.

What I advised was based on what I could anticipate that the client would actually be able to do.  Some folks just can’t commit to sitting once a day for 40 days to do a mantra, but can easily arrange a yagya or purchase a gemstone.

Now my approach is a bit different.  Using dignities, and the ishta/kashta information, as well as considering dashas in effect, and the planetary placement in the appropriate varga, I do the same.  It’s just the method of assessment has become a bit more involved.”