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Astrological Heart Problems

This is the chart of an athletic (over) achiever, in her mid twenties. With the Sun and an Exalted Mercury in the 10th, I was able to discern the tri-athlete level ability, and the conjunction of Mars and Saturn, easily showed her intensity and drive.

Her Dasha fits well with the Asthotari Dasha sequence, a conditional nakshatra specific dasha, that will be more precise for her, rather than the standard Vimshottari Dasha.  Having begun the Mars Major period in 2007, she adamantly confirmed, that was when life started to become harder and more stressful, and it was in this dasha she discovered the holes in her heart.

The Mars dasa can show surgery, because he rules the 12th, and has that connection with Saturn and Ketu.

In the Trimamsha Varga, Mars is in the 12th house, a house of loss, in neutral status, which makes it’s energy scarce.  This is aspected by a Sun in a Great Enemies sign, which does not help.

The afflicted fire element, while did help sustain her drive, may have pushed her too far.

You will also notice the influence of Saturn and Ketu and Mars on the 12th, which shows difficulty sleeping and disturbed dreams.  She confirmed this.  Saturn and the nodes influencing the 6th house and the 6th lord Venus being conjuct Mars, also show digestive issues of an inflammatory nature, and a sensitive digestion, which she also confirmed.

She is a world traveler, which is easily seen by the strong connection of the 10th and 9th houses, and the 12th houses.  9th and 12th houses are houses of travel and foreign lands. The ascendant lord in the 3rd, indicates many short distance travels throughout life, and many adventures. It also shows a consistent need to pay attention to the physical and emotional state.

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  1. In regards to the digestive/health issues w saturn and the nodes influencing the 6th house, i noticed that saturn also aspects the 6th lord venus from its tenth house aspect. And it is the sign of leo (enemy to saturn). Also doesnt the sign leo correspond to the heart according to some astrologers?

    • Very Good Corey. Yes, I have often used Leo as the sign representing the heart, and in a few charts seen health issues with the heart when Leo was afflicted. However, more experience has led me to taking the 4th house, and Cancer as functioning more on a heart level.