Spiritual Growth

The Purpose of Astrology

It is often difficult to see our shortcomings or even our strengths unless someone else points them out to us. Astrology provides a keen glimpse into the areas of our life that are fully supported and that a client might be taking for granted. It can also show areas that are weak and need strengthening through remedial measures. A Vedic astrologer can ascertain the resources available to a client and give advice on making the most of what is available.

Vedic astrology can pinpoint times to take actions that are supportive of particular endeavors. Imagine a client expressing interest in moving to

Timing is everything.

another country and starting a new business. Success for that endeavor could be indicated in the chart, which is one reason the client had the inspiration in the first place, but the astrological influences do not indicate success for said venture until five years down the road. If an astrologer did not share this information with the client, she might make the move and start her business only to struggle needlessly for the next five years.

 H uman beings incarnate to fulfill four main purposes in life:

• P roper livelihood in accordance with our natural tendencies.

• T he ability to procure resources for our needs.

• E njoyment of our life circumstances.

• Liberation of consciousness from the mistaken sense of individual isolated existence.

To fulfill these purposes we need knowledge. We need knowledge to recognize what our available resources are or how to find them. We need knowledge to understand our present capacities to achieve our goals. We need to know how the trends of life will unfold to make the best of supportive times and to prepare for the leaner times. Until we are aware and awake enough to be able to turn within and access this knowledge directly, Vedic astrology reveals what is hidden and provides the information needed.

 Promoting the Four Goals of Life

Many people wonder at their real purpose in life. It is as if what they are doing is obviously not it, because they happen to be doing it naturally. What they are often looking for in the mundane circumstances is the absolute purpose of all life. That is to realize completed liberation of consciousness. When we know that ultimately we are meant to wake up to full enlightenment  as our absolute purpose we can take actions to make this easier, such as meditation. The key is to realize that our relative purpose, the work we are here to do, is just as important. The relative purpose is reflected in the birth chart, and often times it is only a variation of the activities in which we are already engaged.

Every Stage and Goal of Life is Honored.

T he key is to harness the higher influences of the cosmic rays, and eliminate the baser effects. A person with a strong Mars and other contributing influences in the birth chart could become a violent individual who likes to burn things down. That would be the baser influence of the cosmic forces. The higher influence of such patterns could be reflected in a person who is a soldier defending the helpless or a fighter of forest fires. Either way the influences of fire and violence indicated by Mars are in effect. They are being directed in qualitatively different ways.

R egarding financial security we all have different subconscious influences that direct us to either easily acquire wealth or to resist it unknowingly. The universe is a big place. The shortages of resources are in our minds. The reasons behind the shortages are reflected in the stars. A competent Vedic astrologer can see where the wires are crossed, preventing the acquisition of proper resources. This can be due to the particular time in a person’s life, a faulty belief system adopted unconsciously, or to the lack of our own effort or receptivity. For one interested in learning the truth of their situation, Vedic astrology can provide the needed information. Once armed with knowledge, we can make the changes necessary to make the best of what life provides.

T o wake up from the dream of mortality requires a certain level of maturity. Like a plant that can only produce its fruit after it has grown from seed, through the earth, and sprouted the necessary leaves to collect the light of the sun, so too is the human being. Such awakening must have the proper environment, nutrients, and weather to bear its fruit—liberation of consciousness. Just as the farmers can look to the almanac to make the most of their crop, we can look to the information within the birth chart.