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What is the Horoscope and How do we Change Karma

Vedic Astrology Horoscopes look very different from the western natal chart.

The birth chart is a collection of your past habits, tendencies, actions, thoughts and momentum in a particular direction through life.  This can be called karmic, because habits, tendencies, thoughts and actions are what create a person’s karma.  Just like any habit, circumstances can be changed by thinking differently, acting differently, challenging and changing one’s belief’s systems, and putting energy and momentum in the direction you would prefer to go. This is sometimes easy, and sometimes hard.  It depends on how much time and attention you have already invested into the path which you are currently traveling.  It also depends on how attached you are to certain thoughts, beliefs, actions, etc.

This is one reason why regular meditation and prayer can be so helpful, as it directs your attention to a consciousness beyond the small confined human circumstances and gives space and openness to be receptive to unplanned good fortune and to other ways of seeing the world. Vedic astrology has a number of remedial measures that help to assist this process, such as gemstones, mantra, service, behavioral changes, etc, but truly, an effective expansive regular meditation practice is invaluable while transcending the indications of the chart.

All of us have a different horoscope, which shows the particular experiences we as individualized units of the greater divine consciousness are here to work with.  We can either invest more attention into developing those talents, skills, and preferences indicated by the chart.  Or we can steadfastly determine that we don’t want to engage in the negative experiences, and thereby either work in an opposite direction, changing our experience with patience and self-effort, or by ignoring the negativity, turning our attention to a higher power, and letting the karma exhaust itself.

It’s up to us to work with what we have. Some changes take time and effort, and some change quickly.  It all depends on the strength of the “habit” we want to change or dissolve.  This, Vedic Astrology can determine.

A properly prescribed gemstone can be an invaluable aid to supporting our life changes. A good astrologer, can assess the birth chart and sub charts, for optimal results.

Then our patience, persistence in the right way, and surrender take care of the rest.  The key is to continue our process until it is done.  Otherwise, residual karma can remain in a seed state to sprout later.

How do we know our karma is changed? Because our old ways and thought pattern never enter our mind, or we are totally unaffected by their memory.  They don’t create a charge or emotional response.  The memories are just information about the past.  Also, our new ways are as easy and natural as our old patterns used to be.  Even if this is only possible in our minds, we remember that we are multidimensional and timeless beings, and that what is firm in our minds will eventually come to pass in our experience.