Simplicity and Saturn

Simplicity is a remedy for many of life’s difficulties, and an often advised healing measure from an astrological perspective.  Simplicity helps to pacify the dreaded influence of Saturn, a planet representing poverty, illness, adversity, struggle and delays. It is hardship that often drives us to an astrologer looking for guidance and when Saturn is assessed to be the source of our worries, a simplified life can provide immense relief.

The body thrives on simple, fresh foods in the appropriate quantity. Then the body can focus on defending itself from bacteria or viruses, and can flush out toxins with greater efficiency.  When the body doesn’t have to contend with overeating or eating foods that easily turn toxic, the body’s energy and health improve.

Saturn prefers a simple responsible life.

In Vedic Astrology, one of the most commonly advised remedies for Saturn is healthy fasting. A happy Saturn keeps the body clean and free of disease. Healthy fasting can be a total fast, a juice fast, or even just taking a break from specific foods, such as dairy, gluten, or meat for a certain amount of time. Your consciously self-imposed hardship, will help prevent Saturn from creating hardship in the form of illness or disease. Check out the documentaries, “Forks Over Knives” or “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” for more information and check with your health care provider for guidelines on intelligent fasting.

Saturn is a planet of focus and routine. When we have a purpose in life to focus on, we do not wander aimlessly, and get our selves into situations or relationships that are unhealthy or waste our time, energy or resources. If we do not waste our money or energy, we will be sure to avoid the fear of being poor and destitute, which Saturn commonly causes.  Being miserly and saving more money than we spend, is nearly guaranteed to ease the poverty producing gaze of Saturn. Avoiding aggravating or negative relationships, will also save us countless headaches.

Giving more attention to the important things in life, rather than “time-wasters” will improve the quality of life.  You’ll feel better about you self because you will see what you can accomplish, and your accomplishments will build upon themselves.  By creating and sticking to a daily routine, or a checklist of goals to accomplish throughout the day or week ahead, you will get more done in less time.  Discipline is Saturn’s “Mission Objective”. By the self imposed discipline of a routine, you avoid the unpleasant discipline given by Saturn in the way of bad situations and wasted time.

According to the dictionary, simplicity is defined as, “ Freedom from complexity or intricacy. The absence of luxury and pretentiousness.  Freedom from deceit or guile.”  In the ancient legends, it is these very qualities that make Saturn smile and prevent his heavy boot falling on your head. Live simply, and you will find happiness more abundant. Let go of attachment to luxury and pretentiousness, and you will have all that you need. Be true to your self and others, and you will find good fortune and grace flowing freely. This is the ultimate experience of Saturn, when you live in harmony with his lessons. All of us can benefit by these lessons, as Saturn’s influence is in everyone’s horoscope. We don’t need to wait for him to make his presence known, before we can take steps to avoid the problems he can bring to light.

The following article has been published in the July 2012 issue of Natural Awakenings of Western North Carolina.  Ryan is a full-time Vedic Astrologer in Asheville, NC. He is the Co-Author of “The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology”.

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