Vedic Astrology and Relationships

Venus is the indicator for Relationships in Vedic Astrology.

Here is an interesting radio show on Relationships and Compatibility from a Vedic Astrological Perspective.

Vedic Astrology Compatibility for Relationships

Ernst Wilhelm is being interviewed, he is the creator of the Vedic Astrological Software I use called Kala. I’ve also found his techniques and teachings to be quite accurate. His take on relationships has been very enlightening in my practice and life.

He’s also developed accurate reports for astrological compatibility. I’ll post a link to those below. I usually don’t advise computer generated reports, as I feel an astrologer needs to directly assess all the components of the chart, but as Ernst states in this radio show, if the techniques are simple and logical they are correct. Thereby indicating a computer can synthesize them!

Here are the links to the reports.

Vedic Relationship Compatibility
Relationship Capacity for Women
Relationship Capacity for Men

Here are the Basics that these reports consider:

The Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report cuts to the chase and looks at the bottom line of you and your partner’s relationship.

Does your relationship flow in such a way that there is room for both of you to feel loved and respected?
Are you naturally attuned to each other or are you on a different wavelength?
Will destiny obstruct your relationship making it impossible for you to be completely together, or will any present obstacles in the way of your full commitment to each other go away in time?
Does your relationship attract endless troubles and difficulties, or will it settle down and allow you to build a productive life together?
Are you both equally assertive so that you can have a true partnership without one person dominating the relationship?
And the bottom line – will your relationship flow in such a way that you both become better, happier people and more loving?”