Navamsa, Swamsa & Soul Fulfillment

The following responses were made to a questioner on an astrological forum I frequent.  The discussion is about fulfillment in life, the navamsa chart, and certain Jaimini techniques.

“Each divisional chart represents a specific aspect of a persons life. For example, the navamsha represents our “dharma” or role or purpose in life. Most people’s course is that of marriage (at least traditionally) and so the navamsha has been very much associated with the spouse. However, on a fuller level, it represents the fulfillment from the path we are walking and indicates just what that path is. Often it is not marriage, but something else. When we try to walk an inappropriate path we suffer.

Using Jaimini principles we can very much see the soul nature of an individual through the navamsha, where we find the svamsha. We can see the planet and the sign that most represents their path. We can see the planets strongly influencing that path through rashi aspects. We can see the result of our interactions with gurus etc, and also spouse.

In regards to planetary placements think of the houses and what they represent. If Jupiter is in the 12th in good dignity, maybe it shows positive expenses that we are happy to make, and sacrifices through our ideals (Jupiter) etc, that lead us to greater wisdom. For Rahu and Ketu, its most pertinent to note the dignity of the planets that rule them. If Rahu is in a sign and the lord of that sign is exalted, Rahu can work in a positive nature. If that lord is in an enemies sign or debilitated, Rahu creates more confusion and chaos in the area of life represented by the house he tenants in the navamsa.

It’s quite an interesting subject, and the navamsa is a wonderful chart to explore to find out, who is this person and what motivates them, and are they fulfilled on their path.

(First, know that I primarily use the tropical zodiac now along with Jyotish Techniques. I never learned Western, and only studied Jyotish. However, I have found that when using the tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras, many jyotish techniques make sense and actually work, where they didn’t before.) (Also note, that you don’t have to use a tropical chart, as people have been using the sidereal in Jyotish for a long time, I and many of my colleagues have just found the tropical chart to work better, like it filled in missing puzzle pieces.)

So from my perspective I would shift everything over to a tropical chart.

Then you can use Jaimini techniques very well to this end. Once you have the tropical positions, you want to see what the planet in highest degree is (excluding the nodes). This becomes your atmakaraka, or indicator of the soul…

All the qualities attributed to that planet gives a very strong indication of your expression and soul character in this life.

Then you look to see what sign the atmakaraka is in in the Navamsha. The atmakaraka is determined from your birth chart. Then you see where that planet is located in the 9th divisional chart. What ever sign that is in, shows your inner convictions and the things you are working with in this lifetime. So take note of the characteristics of that sign, and synthesize them with your atmakaraka.

Planets in the 6th or 8th can show a lot of conflict, combativeness or drama in one’s nature. This is not a judgement of good or bad, just a quality of those houses. People with placements hear usually experience a lot of frustration, sudden changes, and unexpected events in ones life. On the other hand planets in the angles, or in the 5th or 9th allow the life to flow more smoothly, like driving on a paved road with less worries.

Malefics in the 9th from the svamsha (this is the sign the atmakaraka is in in the navamsha, mentioned above) can show offence to one’s guru or tradition and give breaks in the realms of higher knowledge. Lots of westerners who are interested in yoga or vedic astrology or other cultures have this, as it shows “offence” to one’s culture. People with benefic planets here are usually born into cultures that support their innate nature.

Pioneers, revolutionaries, people who are happy in other cultures often have strongly placed malefics in good dignity.

On another note, you can look at the planets in the 10th from the svamsha in the navamsha, to get ideas about purpose and direction. Planets in the 10th from the svamsha will often trigger one’s purpose. If there are no planets there, then use jaimini’s rashi aspects to see what planets are influencing the 10th. Or just note the sign the 10th rashi from the svamsha falls in. All these when synthesized serve as the building blocks for assessing one’s soul nature and possibility for fulfillment in purpose.

(Note: when counting rashis from the svamsha, you count forward (like you normally would when reading a chart) if the sign is an odd sign and you count backwards if its an even sign).

The best software I’ve found that shows Jaimini and allows you to use a tropical zodiac and sidereal nakshatras is Vedic Astrological Software I use called Kala. It is quite in depth, and a lot of fun for the research minded astrologer.”

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  1. Thank you Ryan. I really enjoy your YouTube videos. Do you use whole sign or placidus in your practice? Blessings.

  2. “(Note: when counting rashis from the svamsha, you count forward (like you normally would when reading a chart) if the sign is an odd sign and you count backwards if its an even sign)”

    A bit confused by the term “rashi” there,

    If I’m counting 10th from swamsha, and swamsha is in an even sign, I count backwards?

  3. So if you don’t have Kala software, how might you check out the calculations of the tropical zodiac..Just use any old western program for tropical and a jyotish one for the nakshatra calculations? Thanks!

    • That may work. I’ve always used Kala, so it’s not been an issue I’ve had the need to explore. What you are saying makes sense. The only other area would be to find a way to incorporate the Galactic Center, Middle of Mula Ayanamsha for the Dashas. You might need to send an email to Ernst at Kala to get information on that. Tropical Chart, using Jyotish software for nakshatras is a good start for getting the horoscope set up though.

      • Thanks for the reply. Ok so I am using Jagannatha Hora and can switch my ayanamasa to both tropical and the galactic center ( I think their using 0 degrees Sag). So the suggestion is to use the tropical zodiac to draw up my natal chart and the Mula to get my nakshatra locations? This is interesting and pretty radical though I’m game…What should I do to calculate the divisional charts then?
        I must say the dashas seem more accurate at a cursory look at some charts…would I then look at the tropical to see what the dashas will produce along with this nakshatra timing system or stay with the nakashatras?
        I’m having a hard time getting my head around my tropical chart reading however…In the Sidereal I have loads of planets in Aries in the 6th house (including exalted sun, moolatrikona mars, mercury,venus, moon) and have followed many of those indications including lots of small illnesses as well as lifelong interest in health, good at sports, love of technicalities, some harshness when people have ripped me off, and all the rest of it. In the tropical that all shifts to taurus which would boost the venus and moon to the forefront though I am far from the gentle indications that might indicate due to their gained strength and I don’t care much for business and generally prefer to be alone and studying or practicing yoga on the whole….but maybe I’m missing something.
        Nonetheless, this could get long – any insight would be appreciated or even an article on how this all works if your so inclined. Thanks for listening!

      • When you start using these methods your chart should also start to make more sense. However, you won’t really appreciate the difference fully unless you also start applying many of the techniques not commonly taught or applied (because they didn’t work very well in the old way but are very good when they do work) such as Lajjitaadi Avashtas, Balaadi Avashtas etc… check out this forum http://www.tropical-vedic-astrology.net/forum post your chart and questions. I’d advise studying the lajjitaadi avashtas first and then learn other avashtas.