Mother Children Astrological Compatibility

Sometimes our relationship with family members are the result of our astrological chemistry.  Certain substances can combine and give an explosive result, such as gasoline and brake fluid.  Others are more benign and enjoyable, like oil and vinegar.

The following chart is of a mother, who consistently has difficulties connecting with her sons in a meaningful way.

Horoscope of a Mother

Looking at these charts together, the first thing to note is that both of them are Leo ascendants.   It is common that Leo ascendants do not always see eye to eye, as they are the royals of the zodiac.  It’s hard to have two kings ruling a kingdom. Where ever a Leo is, is there kingdom.  Right away, we can see the potential for power struggle.

Horoscope of Her Children

Next we see that the mother’s ascendant Lord, the Sun, is debillitated in the 3rd house.  Overlaying her son’s chart we can see that Mars sits right on top of that Sun.  Again, it shows the sons can aggravate and overly challenge the mother.  The mother agreed, that she is usually the one to back down.  This is because of her Sun’s debillitation.

From the son’s horoscope we can see that the lord of the fourth house (the mother) is in the third.  Once again, we can see a natural tendency to aggravate and challenge the mother.  The third house builds our courage, and shows our challenges in life.  Therefore the 4th (mother) in the 3rd (challenges) can show challenges to the mother, or as the twins would probably see it, a “challenging mother”.

Looking back to the mother’s chart, we can see that Jupiter (children) rules the 5th house (children) and it is placed in the 12th with Ketu.  Here Jupiter is exalted, and shows good children (exaltation) but that long distance (12th house) or separation (Ketu) is needed to maintain a healthy relationship.

They live on opposite sides of the country.  When asked about living near them, my response was “it’s not a good idea.”

These are just a few interesting influences between a mother and her sons.  What is even more interesting is noting the difference between the twin sons, by looking at their divisional charts.  That will be saved for another time.

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  1. Hello Ryan, Is moon placement in Saptamsha chart (D7 Chart) shows how we think of our children because my ascendant is aquarius and moon is in scorpio with rahu and right opposite is saturn, mars, sun and ketu, but I have jupiter in fifth house, mercury in sagittarius, Please explain these placements and combinations. thank you so much