Rahu and Ketu

Strange Car Crash

Scene of the Accident

Here is an interesting chart that was put before me in a session this past week.
One of my clients offhandedly asked me, “What did I witness at 20:35:00 on
August 22, 2012 in North Hollywood, CA?”

It was towards the very end of our session, and had nothing to do with what we were talking about, but I thought it might be fun to see what it was.

My eye was immediately drawn to the Ascendant lord in the 4th with Ketu, and then the 4th lord in the 6th. Then noting it was a kala sarpa time period (all the planets between the nodes) I imagined it must have been something strange.  Then I saw Saturn and Mars in the 8th. So my snap shot assessment was a very serious(Mars and Saturn in the 8th) accident (4th in 6th) involving a vehicle (ascendant lord with Ketu in 4th) with some strange connotations (Kala Sarpa Yoga).

As it turns out, she said she just happened to be looking out her window when
she saw a car lose control, run over a fire hydrant and an electric pole. The
fire hydrant began spewing water. The electric wires were under the water that
people couldn’t see. People in the car were seriously injured, and not one, but
two people tried to get to the car to help them, stepped in the water and got

Car Accident During Kala Sarpa Time