Venus In Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is delighted in Capricorn due to Venus being in the sign of a friend. The amount that Venus can be uplifted in Capricorn is due to Saturn’s dignity.  If Saturn is debilitated, in a Great Enemy’s Sign, or in an Enemy’s Sign he is considered “sleeping” and cannot help Venus.  If Saturn is in a Neutral, Friend’s Sign, Great Friend’s Sign, Moolitrikona Sign, or Exalted he can better help Venus function.

Always remember, Saturn can only delight Venus by Venus being in the sign of Saturn or if Saturn aspects.  If Saturn is with Venus, that always starves Venus and the Venusian indications in our chart.

Venus will remain in Capricorn until February 2nd of this year.

Here is a short audio clip describing, more specifically, the effects of Venus in Capricorn.  This description is applicable to the transits of Venus, as well as the placement of Venus in your Horoscope.

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