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More Lajjitaadi Questions

1.  Are all planets delighted by Jupiters aspect or only when conjunct Jupiter as it says in the manual?
2. when determining the strength of the aspect according to BPS a planet in its own sign has 50% strength so does that mean if the aspect is 30 virupas in the chart in actuality since it only has 50% strenghth it will actually be a 15 virupas  aspect?
3.  And does this change depending on if we are talking rasi or varga charts?

To answer your questions…

1) Yes, Jupiter only delights when conjunct.  Or if he is a friend aspecting.  When I was going over that, I felt I was saying something not quite right.  Thanks for pointing out that error.  However, I have found that almost always, Jupiter helps in some way, even if aspecting, as he is not an enemy to anyone.

2) Good question.  You are right.  If we have a planet in Exaltation and aspect, then the full points get felt.  If a planet is in weaker dignity, even though the aspect will be felt, it won’t be as intense.  Example, you can have a wart on your body, and never really notice it, unless you look at it.  Or you can have a bee-sting of the same size, and be constantly aware of it, because of its intensity.  Both the wart and bee-sting can take up the same amount of space on the body (have the same amount of aspect points) but the one in the stronger dignity is noticed more often.

3) The aspectual points do not change.  They are the same in the Rasi as the Vargas.  However, the dignities will.  This is the very important point.  You can have weak planets influencing each other in the Rasi, but find them both in stronger dignity in another varga, so those planets will be more noticeable in regards to their aspects in the area of life indicated by that varga.