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A Course in Tranquility Published

Published March 22, 2013.

Published March 22, 2013.

Four years ago I began a tele-study class on meditation and what I have found to be the most direct and useful means to finding better health and tranquility within life.  The course developed into this book.  This would be an excellent guide for Gemini and Virgo ascendants, Moon signs, or Svamshas!  Although it does speak to the basic need of all who are looking for Self-knowledge and Tranquility.

A Course In Tranquility: Integrating Meditation, Effective Living & Non Duality

By Ryan Kurczak

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“When you come upon a teaching that is clear and unmistakably true, it is gift. There is much confusion about how a person should go about living their life and a million different people willing to tell you how to do it; so if you find yourself with the grace of this book, then know without a doubt that you have received a gift of clarity as well as an invitation to take up the reigns of your own life and steer the course to a life of tranquility.

As an author and teacher, Ryan shares his life’s work. You will not find parroted words or spiritual platitudes, nor will you be comforted in the blankets of delusion. This is a straightforward, no bullshit exposition on truth that will illuminate areas where you find yourself lost in confusion and offer methods that have been employed since time immemorial to ground our rampant human condition in the crystal clarity of eternal wisdom.

This book progresses beautifully along the theme of ‘first things first’, taking the reader on a journey that begins by addressing the most practical elements of how to live a balanced, healthy life and continues pointing all the way to Ultimate Truth, which transcends it all (and back again).

However, we don’t take off to run a marathon if we have never even jogged around the block. To run a marathon takes training, and to realize the deepest truth takes an equal discipline and devotion – the way of which is outlined clearly in the pages of this book.

And even in its practicality, love touches every aspect of your heart in reading this teaching. It is that pure, unattached love from which Ryan’s teaching is grounded that holds the most transformative power. This ground is authentic and without agenda. You can rest in knowing you will not be lead astray with empty promises of becoming something better, more or different from what you already are.

What you will find is guidance on how to be still and rest just as you are and allow the seeds of truth to blossom. Before you plant your seeds, you prepare your field. This book helps you to cultivate a nourishing field of consciousness and also plants beautiful seeds of truth.

Whether you are seasoned with spiritual insight or just starting on your journey, you will find wisdom and comfort in these pages. We are all beginners and we are all in this together, lest we forget: Ryan reminds us of the simplicity of it all through A Course in Tranquility.”

-Prajna Ana, Author, Dying Into This