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Vedic Astrology 101: Basic Astrology and Ayurveda Mp3 Audio Course Available

8 Hour Vedic Astrology Introductory Audio Course

8 Hour Vedic Astrology Introductory Audio Course

This class is based off of “The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology” by Richard Fish and Ryan Kurczak.  It is an introductory class, meant to supplement the reading of that text.

Vedic Astrology 101 Audio Course begins by exploring the role of Vedic Astrology as a science of divine guidance and how it relates to spiritual practice and development. It explores the basic indications of the planets, signs and house, which are fundamental building blocks to understanding astrology correctly. After reviewing the astrological basics the class then moves on to chart interpretation using the principles covered, with an emphasis on Ayurvedic healing.

The class can be purchased through Amazon in 7 separate sections OR the entire mp3 course can be ordered directly through this site by contacting Ryan.

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Email Ryan@AshevilleVedicAstrology.com to order all 7 sections directly at a discounted fee of $40.00.

The total length of all Mp3 tracks in all 7 sections is near 8 hours.

Mp3 Track Titles Are Listed Below

Section 1 mp3 Tracks
1. Vedic Astrology & Karma
2. Meditation & Astrology
3. Intuition
4. The Yugas & the Tropical Zodiac
5. The Inner Solar System
6. Karmic Freedom
7. Having a Choice
8. Visualizing the Horoscope
9. Introduction to Timing
10. The Soul Indicator
11. The Outer Planets
12. Introducing the Nodes
13. Putting It Together

Section 2 mp3 Tracks
1. Tropical Zodiac Revisited
2. Confluence
3. Being the Best Astrologer
4. Saturn & the Sun
5. Astrological Molecular Chemistry
6. First and Second House Indications
7. Third and Fourth House Indications
8. Fifth and Sixth House Indications
9. Seventh House Indications
10. Eighth and Ninth House Indications

Section 3 mp3 Tracks
1. Tenth and Eleventh House
2. The Twelfth House
3. Houses of Power and Grace
4. Rahu & Ketu in Signs
5. Houses of Suffering and Growth
6. Planetary Friendship
7. The Sun
8. Effects of Combustion
9. The Moon
10. Mercury
11. Venus
12. Mars

Section 4 mp3 Tracks
1. Jupiter
2. Saturn
3. Transits and Spiritual Practice
4. Colors of the Zodiac
5. The Story of Rahu and Ketu
6. Rahu
7. Ketu

Section 5  mp3 Tracks
1. See What Is There
2. Looking at Difficult Charts
3. Headaches and Bones in The Face
4. Determining Ayurvedic Dosha Astrologically
5. Determining Acute & Chronic Disease Astrologically
6. Question on Special Planetary Aspects
7. A Leo Personality
8. Pitta Vata Dosha Kapha Imbalance
9. Heart Problems & Fiery Emotions
10. Contemplating Astrology
11. Childhood & Old Age
12. Understanding How Dashas Work
13. Working With Karma
14. Not Jumping to Conclusions
15. Improving the Dashas
16. Managing Stress

Section 6 mp3 Tracks
1. Determining Good or Bad Planetary Effects
2. Temporary Planetary Relationships
3. 11th House Older Sibling Enemy
4. 11th House Dasha Timing
5. Combined vs Natural Relationship
6. Mars in Great Enemies Sign
7. When Planets Rule Two Houses
8. Saturn Vs Rahu Fears
9. A Most Important Concept
10. About the Navamsa
11. Thoughts on Reincarnation
12. Belief Systems
13. Jupiter Helps Her Health
14. Planetary Healing Modalities
15. Will You Give Good Astrological Advice

Section 7 mp3 Tracks
1. Review of Planetary Healing
2. Saturn Rahu in Cancer with Scorpio Moon
3. Ketu in the 7th House
4. Retrograde Saturn Retrograde Jupiter
5. Venus and Career
6. Poverty Indications
7. Considering Real Wealth
8. Kapha Vata and with Inflammation
9. Saturn Sun Producing Marriage
10. Continue Looking for Confluence
11. Proper Astrological Gemstones
12. Ascendant Lord in the 12th
13. Rahu in 3rd Ketu in 9th
14. Ruler of 6th in the 1st
15. Ruler of 5th in the 8th
16. Mars in 2nd Saturn in 9th