Jupiter Wisdom Happiness and Your Brain


Astrologically Jupiter is responsible for producing the physical organ of the brain as well as our innate sense of happiness.

Jupiter (also known as Guru) is the planet that represents one’s ability to have happiness in life and to feel like we fit into the bigger picture and the grand design of the Universe.  When Jupiter is well supported or well placed in the chart it indicates a person who naturally feels that life is flowing in order and with deeper meaning.  Even if the person does not understand the situation fully or if there is difficulty or adversity, Jupiter gives the capacity to feel that there is purpose to the suffering or the situation.

The following TED Talk deals with happiness and your brain.  It shows how happiness leads to a better functioning brain and therefore a better functioning life (usually).  What does this have to do with the planet Jupiter?  Well…interestingly enough Jupiter creates one’s happiness and wisdom and it is also the planet that creates the physical brain.  If Jupiter is strong in the horoscope it can show a well developed brain.  A well developed properly functioning brain creates happiness.  See the video…

What struck me about this video is that it shows how we can develop our brains, our happiness AND our Jupiter!  If you have difficulties with Jupiter, you can work on it.

How can you strengthen your brain and ALSO strengthen how Jupiter influences you more positively, naturally?

– Take time to consciously become aware of three things you are truly grateful for in your life.  If it is a person, send them a note and let them know.

-Exercise Regularly.  Proper blood flow helps the brain function better.

-Stay Hydrated.  A well hydrated body allows neurotransmitters to do their job better.

-Meditate Daily.  Regular meditation to a thought-free relaxed state changes your brain for the better. It develops it.  Keep in mind, to be able to meditate well is no different than any other achievement.  It might take practice.  It might take coaching from a skilled practitioner. It will most definitely take time to develop the skill.

-Every day do one kind action for someone for no reason.

It’s really fascinating to see when science (as we know it) begins to overlap with some of these ancient sciences, such as Yoga and Astrology.