Computer Generated Astrological Relationship Reports

Recently I was asked a question about the validity of astrological relationship compatibility reports.

Lasting Love Depends More on A Couples Ability to Consciously Understand and Accept One Another

Lasting Love Depends More on A Couples Ability to Consciously Understand and Accept One Another

The questioner was interested in learning more about what she learned from the following reports. She agreed the computer generated information was extremely accurate, but was having trouble understanding how the compatibility could be so high when certain problems were clearly pointed out by the information in the report.

Vedic Relationship Compatibility
Relationship Capacity for Women
Relationship Capacity for Men

Based on my experiences dealing with computer generated reports and also doing complete in-person astrological compatibility sessions for clients here was my response:

“Basically, when it comes to astrological compatibility there are many factors.  Just like there are many factors in relocation astrology, and no place nor person will ever fully meet our expectations.

That means that if you have the capacity to be compatible in relationships, which is indicated by the birth chart, that shows you start with goodpotential to make it work.  However, the “making it work” is totally up to you and your partner.  Potential and how it actually plays out are often different.

With the example for relocation astrology, a location may be very good for work/career, health, and friendships.  Yet it may be terrible for children.  So we have to weigh the options…based on our ideals, is it worth it for us?  If a person doesn’t care about children, then yes it would be.  If a person’s main goal is to procreate, no matter how compatible… the location, this would be a bad choice.

The same goes for interpersonal compatibility.  We can do the numbers and see that there is strong compatibility between a couple, but maybe the would-be-wife is mentally unstable, and the would-be-husband doesn’t want children.  Yet the husband wants a healthy minded wife, and the wife wants a husband who wants children.  Or maybe one partner wants to live a life as a traveling musician and the other partner wants to settle down and get tenure as a college professor. No matter how high their potential compatibility, these are going to be problems that they may not be able to resolve.  However, anything is possible with a little work.  The question always comes down to, “Can I accept the reality of this person I am with?  Or do I want to change them to fit my life?”

Basically, a computer generated report can do very good at giving the potential, and often that is enough.  Some reports are better than others.  And a person doesn’t need more than that.  However, an astrologer is helpful because he/she can assess both charts, describe the male to the female and the female to the male or the partner to the partner, and they can decide then, will it be worth it to be in a relationship with this person.  Ultimately it comes down to that.

There is no magic in it.

The problem with our current culture is that we are often overrun by hormones, or false ideas about what relationships are meant to be like.  Or we hold false ideas about what our partners should be like, and then when the reality sets in, we become unhappy.  This is one of the great boons of astrology.  It can shine the light on the reality of one’s personality and destiny, and if possible a couple can then intelligently decide if it’s a worthwhile match and if the sacrifices that each partner makes for the relationship will add to each others purpose or pull it into ruin.   Most of the time, however, the hormones have already made mush of one’s intelligence, and reality is skewed until the hormones wear off!”