The Moon’s Influence on Relationships and Destiny

The Waxing Moon gives and the Waning Moon takes away.

The Waxing Moon gives and the Waning Moon takes away.

The Moon is a very important aspect of our astrological charts. It’s common to consider Kuja Dosha, or Mars’ influence on the Moon as something terrible.

The Moon is consciousness, our individualized sense of Self.  Mars is will power, inspiration, logic motivation. Mars is the power of activity.  Mars delighted by the Moon indicates that our consciousness can more easily manifest those desires and ideas specific to our individualized incarnation. Consciousness empowers Mars.  What is within our consciousness is then more easily achievable.  This makes us happy because then we get what we want more readily.  Pay attention to the house in which this avashta takes place. The area of life indicated by that house will show where a person most readily makes progress.  Also note the houses Mars rules.  Those houses will similarly be empowered.

Here are some more thoughts on Mars’ influence on our Moon and how that hurts or helps our relationship potential.

The Waxing and Waning Moon also have different effects on our consciousness.  It is important to know if the Moon will act as a benefic or a malefic.  The following recording explains this process.