divisional charts

How to Read the Rasi, Navamsa and Dasamsa

There are so many different techniques and methods in astrology that it can become quite mind boggling to attempt to synthesize a chart.  Add the vargas and now the confusion can multiply exponentially to the untrained astrologer.  During our class, this past Spring, on the Navamsa and Dasamsa I began to create recordings illustrating general step by step methods I often use to interpret a chart.  The following videos focus on the chart of a lawyer who gave me permission to use her chart for teaching purposes.

We begin with a general assessment of the Rasi for general direction and purpose to the career.  In the Navamsa we explore the feelings of purpose and appreciation of her path.  In the Dasamsa we explore strengths and weaknesses within her career path.

These are very general.  During our Autumn class, we will go into detail in step-by-step analysis of a chart.   That class will begin on September 21st, 2013.