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Determining Good and Bad Karma Using Planetary Dignity


If you know how to interpret a planet’s dignity, you can interpret how the various areas of a person’s life will be.  Each house represents a particular area of life.  The following list gives general indications for each house.

The following general house indications are based on Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra. They are in reference to what the houses represent in the Rashi.

The 1st house represents the body, physique, how one appears to the world, the nature of the personality, vigor, vitality, weakness, joy, sorrow and innate nature or how one reacts to situations.

The 2nd house shows wealth, grains or food we eat, speech, family, enemies, metals, and precious stones.

The 3rd house shows our valor, servants, siblings, initiatory instructions, how we get along with our peers, our interests and hobbies, short journeys, parent’s death.

The 4th house indicates conveyances, vehicles, relatives, mother, happiness, treasure, land, real estate and wealth form under the earth.

The 5th house shows our ability to learn, grow, and make changes. It shows amulets, sacred spells, mantra, learning, the quality of the intellect, children, our ability to manage the affairs of life, and fall from positions.

The 6th house indicates doubt, debt, delays, the maternal uncle, enemies, digestive tract, health, ulcers, acute illness and step mother.

The 7th house represents the wife, other people, journey, trade, business partners, sexual partners, death, and things vanishing from sight.

The 8th house is for longevity, battle, enemies, forts, wealth of the dead, hidden or secret knowledge, death, sex, sudden breaks and transformation.

The 9th house represents fortune, grace, wife’s brother, religion, beliefs, brother’s wife, pilgrimages and visits to temples or shrines.

The 10th house indicates royalty, karmic impact on the world, place, profession, honor, father, living in foreign lands and work.

The 11th house is for gains, son’s wife, income, property, quadrupeds. It also represents titles and what we desire to accomplish.

The 12th house reveal our expenses, knowledge about the enemy, results from battles, one’s own death, dreams, how we spend our money.


Determine the dignity of the house lord, see what the house rules, and it will give an indication about how those indications will function in a person’s life.

To determine the dignity, you will need to know the natural and temporal relationships of a planet.  The rules and examples of how to use them are described in the video above.

To determine temporal relationships between planets, follow these rules.

Temporal Relationships – Planets that are in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, or 12th sign as counted from the planet under consideration become Temporary Friends. Planets in the same sign, or in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th as counted from the planet under consideration are considered
Temporary Enemies.

For natural relationships, memorize the following chart:


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  1. You and Ernst Wilhelm are real gems! You make the complex more accessible and less daunting for folks like me. I am more inspired now to learn about Astrology, not just to understand myself more, but to help me live a more meaningful life. Thank you and keep it up!