Astrological Philosophy Questions

May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!

May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!

The following is an excerpt from a recent correspondence dealing with the philosophy of astrology.

Q: I had a couple of questions, theoretical/practical and philosophical, I wanted to run by you. So, theoretical first. I am working my way through Jaimini Sutras. Some of it I really like and find useful and other parts I am not finding to be that helpful or that the techniques work that well. I am wondering about how and when I will use the Jaimini techniques in my own practice and when can I trust them.

Ryan: I use both Jaimini and Parashara.  I mostly use Jaimini to confirm what I see in Parashara.  If I see an indication for disease or serious problems in health using Parashara, then I check Jaimini.   You can’t 100% trust anything.  Not unless your mind is a fully activated super computer and you are at one in tune with the infinite manifestation of consciousness.  There is so much to consider, that we can’t always get it all, but if we trust our inner guidance, we will be led to the right conclusion.  The problem is we second guess our inner knowing (which is connected to the wholeness of the infinite consciousness) and get our self in a bind.  However, if both Jaimini AND Parashara say something, I usually go with it.

Q: I remember that Jaimini techniques show what will be in one’s life and Parashara techniques show how those things will fluctuate or change over the lifetime. If that is the case, then the Jaimini sutras would seem to be very important in interpreting charts. My question to you is, how much do you use Jaimini techniques in your practice and do you just use certain sutras or do you try to use as many as possible and do you find that they are fairly accurate predictors of life experience?

Ryan: I’ve found them to be accurate about 80% of the time.  That’s pretty good.  I don’t use them as much as some do, that’s only because I’ve found a simpler approach works best for me, otherwise I get too bogged down in conflicting data.  I usually use Jaimini when someone is asking me about there ability to rise in life, or what there innate talents are.  Again, I confirm with Parashara.

Q: How do I make sense of astrologers who say, “That’s just the way it is and you can’t use astrology to change anything.  Things will be as they will be.”  Yet that same astrologer advises muhurtas or remedial measures to make the best of a situation?

Ryan: Yes, I find that an interesting quandary too.  This is rampant not just in astrology, but also in spirituality in general.  Gurus or teachers will have one kind of logic, but then when you bring up how it doesn’t make sense from this other perspective it’s often overlooked!  Irritating.  If that’s the way it works I don’t buy it.  However, the ideas of all being Vishnu is quite accurate.  I think probably there is a disconnect in proper application, which is why the logic seems off.

Q: Somewhere between A and Z I lost the logic in this argument. If all is set out for us in the chart anyway, what purpose does Muhurta serve? Then what exactly is happening when you do a Muhurta chart for someone? Was wondering what your thoughts are on this?

Ryan: Yes, I think it is helpful to see what the trends are, but that as the infinite consciousness ourselves with access to the rest of infinite possibilities, we can shift our attention or consciousness.  If the future or our fate is created by our current states of consciousness, then our present experiences are created by our past states of consciousness.  Once we become aware of this, we start changing our present state to reflect what we like in our future state.  Now if our past states are stronger then our present state, the past states will endure until the karmas are exhausted.

This is why in Vasistha’s Yoga it is advised to accept only what comes unsought, and to release all desire and craving!  Then our karma exhausts itself, and fate is cleared.  This takes the capacity to exist in the silence completely, or to exist as the wholeness of life all at once.  Both of these can take intensive training.  Another reason why proper yoga and meditation training is so helpful.  We are making progress as we ascend beyond Kali Yuga, but the opportunities to learn correctly are limited, as is the realistic understanding in regards to the amount of attention it actually takes to actualize.

And then these questions do not arise!  On some level, all astrology has a rajasic quality to it. If we were perfectly established in or beyond sattva, “what is” would be enough.  However, we must also consider, that one may be established in sattva, but might simply be playing a rajasic role to enjoy the eternal divine drama. Yes?