Simple Vedic Astrology Love and Relationship Transits

Here we cover basic principles for astrological transits dealing with love and relationships. These transits can show when relationships come into our lives and when relationships can deepen.

If you have Kala Vedic Astrology Software, you can experiment with this technique.  If not, you can use the free astrology chart calculator to get a sense of the movement of Venus and your 7th and 9th house lords.

Venus is the indicator for Relationships in Vedic Astrology.

Venus is the indicator for Relationships in Vedic Astrology.

If you are not an astrologer you can get a full report using the links below.  Each report is powered by Kala.

Relationship Timing Report – A five year long list focusing on important “Hot” dates for your Relationships.

Relationship Compatibility Report – the bottom line on whether you can really have a workable relationship with this person.

Relationship Capacity Report for Men – Want to check out your Man? This report reveals his ability to treat you right. Or if you are a man, see what’s helping or hindering your relationships.

Relationship Capacity Report for Women – For women only…just how ready are you for true love and a real workable relationship? Also use this report to check a potential partner’s ability to be a good partner.