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Astrological Step-by-Step Chart Analysis Online Class Announcement

Ryan Kurczak - Astrologer, Author and Astrological Mentor

Ryan Kurczak – Astrologer, Author and Astrological Mentor

Dear Astrological Enthusiasts:

I’m happy to finally announce a step-by-step webinar on astrological chart analysis.  We will explore the methods of astrological research, when and how to use them, so that you may finally have a working system to analyze any chart.

Reading books and taking courses on astrology is a good way to develop a foundational knowledge needed to understand the basics of horoscope interpretation. However, as most students of astrology have found, in order to master this science requires:

• Years of study and contemplation
• Direct experience giving readings
• And/or the opportunity to watch an experienced astrologer interpret multiple charts

In this step-by-step chart analysis course you will get to watch a professional astrologer interpret a chart from beginning to end. By following the same procedures and step-by-step processes illustrated during this class you will be introduced to a logical working method to understand any horoscope. You will get to see, through various chart examples, how a working astrologer:

• Assesses the chart basics to determine a person’s character
• Considers the avashtas to see the potential circumstances of a person’s life
• Examines the appropriate divisional charts to understand one’s strengths
• Determines when certain life events are most likely to occur through the dashas

No longer will you wonder where to begin or what to do next when researching a chart.

Specific Vedic Astrological knowledge and techniques reviewed in this course include:

• Understanding Planetary House and Sign Interaction
• Proper use of Graha and Rashi Aspects
• Assessing the Innate Strength of Planets within a Particular Horoscope
• Understanding How Planetary Dignity Helps or Hurts a House and the Area of Life that House Represents
• Proper Application of Balaadi, Jagraadi, Lajjitaadi Avashtas
• Assessing the Effects of Planets within the Vargas
• Determining When Events Can Occur Using Dashas and Vargas Simultaneously

Each two hour class will include two 45-minute instructional sessions and two 15-minute Q&A sessions.

Learn a system to untangle the complexities of any chart.

Learn a system to untangle the complexities of any chart.

This class is a video webinar.  Using WebEx will allow me to share screens, chat and allow students to ask questions in real time. You will be able to see my astrology software program as I navigate class chart examples and describe my astrological analysis process.

• Dates are Saturday September 21st, and Sundays October 6th, 13th, 20th, Sundays November 3rd, 10th and 17th.
• Times will be 11:15 AM – 1:15 PM Eastern Time Zone for the first class on September 21st. Every class date thereafter will be from 10 AM – 12 Noon Eastern Time Zone.
• All classes will be recorded and available as an MP3 or Video Download. If you can’t call in, you won’t miss a class because you can listen to or watch it later.

Class fee is $140.00. However, this is such a fascinating topic and I want to make it available to everyone, so if you can’t afford $140.00, just tell me what you can and that will be the cost for you.

Registration ends September 16th, 2013. Payments must be received by September 16th to reserve your spot.  20 Student Maximum Limit.

Send me an Email to Register. Ryan@ashevillevedicastrology.com
Also, if you have friends interested in this topic and you register together, the fee goes down to $128 for two, $110.00 for three and $104.00 for four or more.

You are also welcome to volunteer your own chart for analysis in this course.

For a very basic example of the approach we will be taking, please see the following: Basic How-To Astrological Videos

All Well Wishes,
Ryan Kurczak