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Vargas and Lajjitaadi Astrology Audio Courses Discounted 30% Until November 1st 2013

Due to an extreme interest in the Astrological MP3 Audio Courses available on this site, two of the 4 available classes will be discounted 30% until November 1, 2013.

The Divisional Charts Give Details About our Life Path and How Events Will Unfold.

The Divisional Charts Give Details About our Life Path and How Events Will Unfold.

Navamsha and Dasamsha Divisional Charts Astrology Audio Course (8 Hours)

Will be available at $29.40 instead of $42.00 until November 1st, 2013.

The Varga Charts (or divisional charts) explain the real reasons why our life unfolds the way it does, in certain areas and at certain times. It shows specifically how each area of our life will be affected in regards to the changing Dashas or time cycles.

This is why you can go into a bad period as indicated by the birth chart, say a debilitated Mercury cycle, yet many areas of your life thrive. This is because Mercury is not debilitated in all of the 15 other important divisional charts. In some, he may even be exalted. Each of the vargas represents a particular area of life.

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OMwebIntroduction to the Vedic Astrological Lajjitaadi Avashtas Audio Course (8 Hours)

Will be available at $29.40 instead of $42.00 until November 1st, 2013.

The Lajjitaadi Avashtas are planet specific.  If you have your birth chart (which I can give you if you don’t), you can learn how to simply see what planets are conjunct or aspecting each other, and then we can analyze the Avashtas.  Will your planets (and therefore those areas of your life represented by the planets) be:

1) Ashamed by their Enemies or Rahu and Ketu
2) Starved
3) Delighted
4) Proud
5) Agitated by being too close to the Sun

Then, you know why your experiences and those around you are the way they are, and you can deal with them appropriately.

This rarely used aspect of Jyotish has proven to be extremely accurate in understanding a person’s chart and explaining those areas that weren’t evident otherwise.

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These are concise and complex subjects and each class builds on the last.

These MP3 Classes are prerequisites for next years Webinars exploring the Bhava Cusps and Dashas.


Also, if you are interested in learning more about working with Saturn during Saturn Returns or Sade Sati, the following hour long class is always free.

Om Sham Shanaye Namaha

Om Sham Shanaye Namaha

Understanding Saturn Returns and Sade Sati Free Astrology Audio Class

This Vedic Astrology Audio MP3 Class introduces Saturn, his qualities,  methods of understanding and working with the conscious energy of Saturn within us.  It contains a mantra practice, meditation practice and describes the Myths of Saturn necessary to grow and evolve into a working relationship with this often dreaded planet.

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It is my hope and wish that this short lecture will bring clarity in regards to power and purpose of Saturn’s most dreaded transits, the Saturn Return and the Sade Sati.