Birth Chart Rectification

How to Rectify a Birth Chart with an Example Vedic Astrology Horoscope

In this video we will explore some principles of birth chart rectification. In order to do so properly, please review the following principles:

1) Chara Karakas or changeable Karakas
2) Naisargika Karakas or natural Karakas
3) Bhava cusp lords
4) Rashi aspects
5) Graha Aspects
6) Vimshottari Dasha System

When any of the karakas mentioned or cusp lords come together in a house, on a cusp, through aspect and/or activated by dasha we have an event possibility. It is these event possibilities that best allow us to determine specific times.

Also, it is helpful to pull upon all our knowledge of birth chart indications, as natural indications such as career, personality, relationships, etc. This can help us determine which ascendant best suits the time in question.