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Example Vedic Astrology Wealth Transits and Money Dashas

Here is an excellent example of how dashas and transits together can indicate a great gain of wealth.

When the dashas and the transits line up together, it is then that we are able see the fruits of our karma manifesting.  A solid understanding of both dashas and trigger transits can help us make sense of life events.

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  1. Why no answer sir? You have studied argala, arudha, upagraha, gulika, etc.,etc.etc… as per Parasara no?

    • Yes. I have a lot of correspondence to attend to. There will always be a delay in response.

  2. what is your experience or knowledge of argala? Parasara says argala ” gives the definite results of a house and the fixed results of the planets” though I haven’t seen it mentioned in these prediction type videos.

    • Yes, argala is an excellent point to consider and very useful yet underutilized. Once I complete my current 52 video series it will be nice to introduce Jaimini. That is a Jaimini technique specifically.