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Astrological Step-by-Step Chart Analysis 16 Hour Video Course Now Available

Learn a system to untangle the complexities of any chart.

Learn a system to untangle the complexities of any chart.

I’m happy to announce that the 16 hour Step-by-Step horoscope analysis video course is now available.  This course is packed with information.  The 190 page manual that comes with the first module outlines a 14 point method of analyzing an entire horoscope accurately.  It also describes the planets as karakas throughout the 16 vargas (divisional charts).  The manual explores Parashara’s Bhava Yogas and delineates the influence of all house lords in all houses.

You can order the entire course or each module separately.

–Course Description

In this step-by-step chart analysis course you will get to watch a professional astrologer interpret a chart from beginning to end. By following the same procedures and step-by-step processes illustrated during this class you will be introduced to a logical working method to understand any horoscope. You will get to see, through various chart examples, how a working astrologer:

• Assesses the chart basics to determine a person’s character
• Considers the avashtas to see the potential circumstances of a person’s life
• Examines the appropriate divisional charts to understand one’s strengths
• Determines when certain life events are most likely to occur through the dashas

No longer will you wonder where to begin or what to do next when researching a chart.

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This course is available as 8 separate downloads. Order all modules or one at a time. Each module includes an average of 2 hours of video instruction.  Please click here for recommended course requirements.