Join Me in a Saturn Austerity

Let's join together in an austerity for Saturn, for the benefit of all.

Let’s join together in an austerity for Saturn, for the benefit of all.

Om Sham Shanaye Namaha

It has occurred to me that it is time to perform another Saturn austerity.  This will be the 3rd time I have done this.  I would like to invite you to join me.

What is a Saturn austerity?  It is a practice of either fasting, silence, reciting Saturn mantras, serving those in need, reading the Greatness of Saturn or any combination of these actions in honor of that aspect of consciousness known to us as Saturn.

I will begin this practice tomorrow, Saturday March 8th 2014 at dawn. I will continue this practice every Saturday for 35 weeks.  Throughout this period I will also chant mantras for Saturn every day.

If you would like to learn more about the specifics of such an austerity, please download this talk.   See the link below. It will describe what you can do to participate.

Appeasing Saturn for your Sade Sati or Saturn Return

This talk explains the intricacies and possibilities of committing to your own Saturn austerity.  It also shares a few of my experiences in two previous commitments to Saturn.

Why would you do this?  Maybe you are suffering from depression, severe obstacles in your life, inability to focus, lack of discipline to achieve something great, loss, grief, poverty, chronic illness, major self-doubts or an inability to see the good in the world?  Maybe someone you know is suffering like this? Maybe you are going through your Saturn Return or Sade Sati period? Honoring Saturn can be a great benefit.

I do this now, not because I am suffering, but many of the people who contact me for astrological advice are.  I cannot really help them, other than sharing information.  Yet, I have seen the power of prayer and intention at work in my own and many lives.  So I will be dedicating this practice to the many clients and students whom are consistently in contact with me.  If you would like to be included as a “beneficiary” of this particular practice, please make a comment on this blog post.  I will write down your name, and dedicate my 35 week practice honoring Saturn to you.

As the practice continues, I will occasionally make a post on this site documenting any insights or thoughts on Saturn that seem pertinent.

If you would like to join me in this practice, make a comment on this blog, describing exactly what you will be doing for your Saturn austerity, and share exactly how long you plan to do it for.  Then when you feel inclined to share, feel free to describe your experiences or realizations as a comment on this blog post. Again, please refer to the link above to find out what exactly a Saturn austerity may require.

Om Sham Shanaye Namaha

A Strong Saturn Can Keep the Body Clean and Long Lived.

A Strong Saturn Can Keep the Body Clean and Long Lived.

Saturn – Shani

Saturn is the Supreme Terrifier among the planets. All beings fear him, for he rules bereavements and misfortunes. If pleased, he will give you a kingdom but if irate he will snatch everything away from you in a moment. His grace makes you happy, while his wrath so thoroughly ruins you that your name is completely forgotten in the human world.

Names of Saturn

Lord of the West
Lord of Time
The End-Causer
The Steady
The Controller
The Famished and Emaciated
The Black
Son of Shadow
The Slow

Physical Qualities

Large teeth
Crooked teeth
Large nails
Cracked nails
Prominent veins
Profuse and course hair
Rigid limbs

Personality Characteristics


Metal – Iron or Lead
Mantra – “Om Sham Shanaye Namaha” or the MahaMrityanjaya Mantra
Chakra – First
Musical Note – C

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  1. Namaste, Thank you for this opportunity to join in group consciousness with the goal of self practice. I plan to do a pooja every Sat. morning and fast with liquid until noon.

  2. Ryan, I would love to hear your assessment of Saturn’s transit over the ascendant. I feel more strongly the effects of Saturn’s transit from 12th to 1st than even my Saturn return. Perhaps the transit over my moon (mid Sade Sati) was as testing. I feel like I’m gearing for a change of tack professionally and spiritually. Please share your thoughts when possible. Thanks.

  3. I wish I had entered your blog spot in march 2014 and given my name for Shani mantra recitation. Good work. Actually, lord shani is a great but late benefic and a teacher by worldly experience.Thanks.Go ahead.

  4. Dear Readers:

    After a good night’s sleep I have realized that this (see most recent comments below) is an excellent example of how to avoid giving away your energy to people who “know what’s best for you”. It also illustrates how to recognize individuals that outwardly appear helpful, but, consciously or unconsciously, are really only concerned with getting their agenda across, in the guise of caring and in the guise of pointing out your own ego issues. This happens all the time, and I don’t know how I missed it in the first place.

    The initial intention of this Saturn austerity remains the same, to inspire others to take up the task. If it appears it is coming from a place of ego on my part, that is not something that can be disproved to those who believe it. We cannot effect or change others beliefs, we can only stay true to what we know in our hearts. Whether we wear our hearts on our sleeve is our own choice, and not one I care to make anymore.

    (If you can see and appreciate this initial intention, excellent. Also note I will be restarting my Saturn austerity for 35 week beginning this Saturday. What this interaction did was bring home the need to be more focused on this task, so I’m starting over. Thank you J and T.)

    Any time someone has an “intuition” about you, that does not know you personally and that intuition is counter to your own self-knowledge. Say “Thank you” and move on. There are very few people in the world who can actually tune into another’s consciousness accurately, and they do not hang out on the internet nor do they make it a point to display that capacity to anyone that doesn’t ask.

    This kind of subtle subterfuge is rampant in the New Age and spiritual communities. I’ve experienced it personally and seen it happen to many people over the years.

    I do understand and have experienced the over intellectualism and dry polemics of spiritual teachers enough times to make me vomit. If I come across in that manner I apologize. I use my words the best I can, and I can assure you I choose experience over fancy words any day.

    My mistake was engaging in this conversation, when silence would’ve been more appropriate. This did not occur because of Mercury retrograde. That is the common excuse for communication issues. This was clearly the result of the Retrograde Saturn conjunction with the Moon, research the meaning of the Lajjitaadi Avashta Moon Starving Saturn for better understanding.

    Thank you all for this learning experience. Now back to what is important.


  5. Wow Ryan, my intuition says that your response is defensive. And therefore, attempting to hide something from itself, yourself.. Apparently tonight, while amidst mercury retrograde, you’re receiving multiple responses that question, or more likely, request, you delve deeper…
    You possess the intellect… Now get to know the heart, your audience needs and will best benefit from both.

      • I only say this because you have the potential… Move into
        The Heart, Ryan, it will be painful; And, You’ll be that helpful Being you are already meant to be.

  6. I really liked most of what you shared. But I’d like to visit your comment, about you not suffering. In my experience, no human exists without being connected to the collective. With this awareness, I wonder if you deny aspects of you, and hide behind the intellectual explanation of your study.
    Very limiting, especially, if you’re attempting to aid others in a complete way.

      • #1 I’m not that expressive to begin with. #2 My comment about not doing the austerity because I am not currently suffering, could’ve been stated better. The goal was because I am not suffering so there fore have the time and energy to aid in this way. It comes across as though I am above difficulties and suffering, which isn’t helped by my general lack of expression in the first place. #3 It’s common for people to think that because someone is not presently suffering, they must be denying aspects of themselves. It’s also common for people to make this assumption about others they do not know personally or at all. #4 There is a large collective consciousness of people who feel suffering is necessary and that is understandable. Those that typically don’t agree are usually accused of denying some core aspect of themselves. While we can’t always control the outward good and bad things that happen to us…we can choose what collective consciousness we want to attune to. That’s a little known secret.

        Text doesn’t always share one’s initial intentions, although based on the response to this post, it seems 98% of the readers were able to ascertain the intention.

        Therefore, it’s completely understandable someone might make a statement such as J. Caden’s. If he/she would’ve listened to the free Saturn talk on this site, they might not have made that assumption. Who knows?

      • It is clear that the time of the guru is coming to an end. Now, one best see themselves as their own guru… No matter the depth of intellectual, spiritual understanding…
        I’ve enjoyed your blog much. But I too ask, why the distance, and the need to state it publicly, concerning human suffering? And why announce your personal contribution or homage? I see no reason could exist beyond an ego needing recognition? Otherwise, the realization that suffering exists, yet need not continue, would be evident in your language… Again, that’s only if you are real with yourself.

      • The attempt was to encourage others to join me in the process. I see what you are saying. Maybe I should take this down. I have personally benefited from austerities to Saturn and I now actually personally enjoy the communion. I know many are afflicted by Saturn, and it was intended to bring a collective together to work towards the devotion to Saturn. I’ll see if there are any more comments to this end, and then yes, may consider taking this down. Thank you for the feedback. My description of past austerities again was intended to be an example, that it can be done. Many people never attempt anything because they feel what they are doing won’t matter. Personally, I know when I’ve seen someone complete a lengthy or difficult task, it inspires me to do the same. It is about group dynamics.

  7. Guriji,
    I would really like to thank you for doing this wonderful Pooja (Austerity) for the benefit of every one. I would request you pls include my name ( Rakesh Kumar Gudla & Krishna Chaitnaya Gudla (son) ) in this gr8 Austerity as I am going thru a very bad phase of Saturn(R) and Rahu in my Sun Lagna of my natal chart.

    I would like to fast in the morning on every saturday till the end of this pooja. I am sorry to join late as i just read your article.

    Rakesh Gudla

  8. just found you after searching the Net tonite after finding I’m just entering sade sati!!! I thought things would be smoothing out after the past 5 years of Hell!!! They are calling me the “Erin Brocovich of Mergers and Acquisitions” as I have researched and been in the Courts discovering a multi million 156M fraud that robbed 40+ folks, including myself, of their retirement funds…..I will participate all the remaining weeks you will be at this, and I THANK YOU for initiating and your Heart Intent in this undertaking!!! I will focus on mantras,,,maybe write a song as I am a vocalist/composer…please pray from me,,,all the other sites say its going to be bbbbaaaaaddd!!! ( I realize it is up to me, my intent as well) 9.19.58 7:28a Sacto Cali…Blessings to You Asheville

  9. Hello Ryan,

    I would really like to Thank you for your service. Please include me and Ashwini in your prayers. I will listen to your talk and reply back shortly.

    Thank you Ryan!

  10. Thank you so much for all the good that you do Ryan. It is greatly appreciated and deeply valued.

  11. Dear Ryan,

    Would you please include me in the austerity prayers? Thanks!


  12. Please include me in your prayers. I will try and follow some austerities too. Currently going through final year of saturn mahadasha and also sade sati libra. Not in a great place at the moment. Any help will be a great help. Many thanks.

  13. I will do this by helping a friend in need as much as I am able to help. I will chant the Shani Mantra every Saturday 108 times per your recommendation, for the rest of this year.

    The latest image of Shani by NASA — really looks like the eye of God as some say.

    I do have a question though — what makes the coming Saturday so special to start this austerity?

  14. Thank you on behalf of so many people for whom you are doing this service.People going thro sadesatti know how tough life becomes. but it also brings discipline , dissociation from materialism. I will be blessed to be included in your prayer.

  15. I am not certain if I am or any of my family is going through Saturn timings. Anyhow, I visit Hanuman Temple every Saturday with my family and we truly enjoy doing Hanuman Chalisa. My girls will not be at ease if they do not get to sing hanuman chalisa.I am thinking to do archana regularly for Saturn & Lord Hanuman. Also, would like to join you.

    As far as our life goes, God has given us everything more than even what we ask for. I just want to be thankful to God and all the 9 planets. Hope we continue to be blessed and remain spiritual in our path. My heartiest wishes for you and your clients.

  16. Dear Ryan, I am late I think. You are so altruistic! It is very kind of you to spare time for your counselees. I had not visited your website for a couple of months now,. I had listened to your mp3 player on Saturn and your experience, many months backs and had liked it a lot. I had downloaded it too. Request you to add me to your list, if possible. Saturn will be transiting the 4th house from my moon from Nov 2014 and I am very worried about my mother. I want her to see me graduate. I will be chanting the Mahamritunjay mantra for 108 X 3 times at one sitting on Saturdays. Kind regards.

  17. thank you Ryan for doing this! I have been suffering from chronic illness for a long time and the recovery seems psychologically very uncertain. This physical situation has prevented me from practicing postures, or other any other physical techniques required to stabilize the mind. Although I kind of sense that whatever happens in life is a part of spiritual journey, but I feel like a more healthy body would let me advance in my devotion more. please include me as beneficiary in your chants. Meanwhile, I will also submit myself to Saturn.

  18. Thank you for providing this information! I will be starting this Saturday. Last couple of weeks have been very depressing and I am lacking focus on work and at home working on projects or even with relationships. Hope things get better.

  19. Hi Ryan, request to include me as a beneficiary for Saturn austerity please. I feel lucky to be a part of such a great deed. Many thanks!

  20. Thank you Ryan….this is great…. I will join you and do my bit …..chant the shani mantra…eat simple food….and express my gratitude to him for really helping me out…..

    My previous experience where…i offered sesame oil with black mustard to Lord Hanuman on Saturday’s ….helped me gain confidence and come out of severe depression and bad situation that i was going through in all spheres …personal…professional.

  21. Hi Ryan. I’ve previously downloaded your talk on appeasing Saturn and it’s excellent. I’ve listened to it again many times. Thank-you for arranging an austerity as I was thinking about doing one myself. I will commit to 35 weeks reciting mantras.

  22. Hi Ryan,

    This is a wonderful and generous thing to do for your clients! I’d like to join you in this austerity (my Dasamsa has Saturn DB in Aries) and I’d like to comment on your site, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it on your blog post page (I don’t see a “make comment” button or link), and the link to Facebook has something wrong with it (it doesn’t go through).

    Anyway, your prashna class looks really good too!


      Karen Divine Time Astrology 714-754-6443


  23. My friend Yuli and I will be joining you,for the full 35 weeks. We will begin with the mantras and proceed from there.

  24. I am going through Shani dasa and sadesati. I would like to participate. I know the basic mantras. The fasting i have never done. I have time I am at home because of injuries and can not work currently. It has been three and a half years. I just today was able to see a doctor who ordered x-rays for me. This event could be a turning point for physical recovery. I believe I signed up last time and did some of the weeks but then faded out. I know the fasts are Saturdays and the 8th,17th, 26th day of each month. I also feed the birds and squirrels.
    I can look for more ways to help others. Saturn rules P and F words like prayer and fasting. I have grown to respect the power of tongue much more. I am not saying I have an increased ability to control my tongue. My prayer is God is working on me always and because of that I may grow more in this life. The words are the fruit of the soul or something like that. So I listen to what I say and that helps me know what is truth underneath the illusion I create for my ego and self-praise. I welcome any advice and guidance because this is not an easy path to walk. Keeping up with mantras and meditation and prayer is no easy task. There is always something I would like to do instead or I am just plain tired. I have always been a dedicated hard worker and a great employee and always doing what it takes to provide for my children and family. When it comes to mantras and prayer and meditation on a consistent basis it is one of the hardest things I have ever set out to do. I believe I must have pissed Shani off to say the least. I feel getting a doctor appointment and getting x-rays ordered the first visit shows nothing about me but that prayer and reverence can work. I know many are praying for me and I pray for others and myself included. I will be so proud if I complete the 35 weeks and that will be a great reward in itself. I am well aware that Shani is watching!

  25. Thank you for doing this! Namaste! I am undergoing sade satti period right now! It has been a mixed blessing so far with painful loss laying down foundations for new learning.