Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga Meditation Training Webinar

Methods, Techniques, Philosophy and Kriya Yoga Routines

5 Week Online Interactive Video Webinar
Sundays, July 20th-August 24th, 2014 (Excluding August 10th)
8-10 AM Eastern Time Zone
24 Participant Limit
Email to register.

Join us from anywhere in the world.


By Paramahansa Yogananda

Kriya Yoga is a path to inner peace and Self-realization made popular by Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. The path itself is one that utilizes specific mantra meditation, breath awareness techniques and Self-inquiry.

Nine years ago I was authorized and ordained to share and teach Kriya Yoga by a direct student of Paramahansa Yoganada. Since that time, when the opportunity has arisen I’ve done my best to provide that service and having walked this path everyday for the last 14 years, I have found it to be the greatest and most fulfilling inner work I have ever done. I have found peace with my Self and gained greater understanding about my relationship with the Divine. The realizations and happiness derived from this practice cannot be compared to any other activity in this world.

It is my goal and intention in this Webinar to share with you the same practices that have proven so effective for me. I also intend on sharing personal struggles and inspirations to give a realistic understanding of just what IS required to experience inner peace and greater awareness of the Divine presence within and around you.

In this Kriya Yoga Webinar you will learn:

  • How to meditate effectively
  • Kriya Yoga Pranayama Techniques as I learned them during initiation and only alluded to in Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Effective Kriya Yoga meditation routines for all levels of practice from beginner to advanced
  • the philosophical understanding of true Yoga practice as taught in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The kind of lifestyle that leads to greater success on the Self-realization path
  • How to practice contemplation and Self-inquiry to realize directly the truth of your being

Due to the real-time nature of this Webinar, we are able to also have Q&A sessions where participation will be encouraged to make certain you understand the process and how to apply it.

Kriya Yoga is not a religion and can be practiced by one of any faith. It is a method of clarifying and strengthening your consciousness so you can move from a belief in a greater power to direct experience of the wholeness of life, which all religions point to.

To participate, please email me at The suggested donation of $108.00 while appreciated, is optional. Also, you may make a donation of any amount you choose, depending on the value you place upon this work. Once your registration is confirmed you will be invited to participate in the Webinar through WebEx. At the end of each session an Mp3 recording of the class will be mailed to you for future review.

Class size is limited to the first 24 participants who register.

If you are not familiar with my approach to Kriya Yoga and spiritual growth please review the videos on this site:

Or review the appropriate books on this page:

I look forward to working with you and helping you engage in this process.

Ryan Kurczak

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  1. Ryan,

    This sounds absolutely lovely. Will you sell the recorded class after you are done with the live class as a “home study” version? The timing doesn’t fit my lifestyle at this time, though that could change after I move (tomorrow).

    Check this out:

    I’m in my Venus/Ketu period now and my husband and I are buying his mother’s house further out in the desert for an amazing price. We’ll be able to have a garden, a dog, and a guest room, all nice Venus stuff and obtained through my marriage, also Venus.

    But here’s the even more interesting part, I’ll be going into my Sun period in July and my Sun is exalted in Aries (and with Venus and Mercury).

    The address of this house is in Sun City, on Sun City Blvd! It’s even East of where we were living. It’s Aries, so it’s more desert than where we were living too.

    Sometimes the planets are really literal 🙂


      Karen Divine Time Astrology 714-754-6443

  2. Awesome, Im in please…sounds great!

    And yes, class was very detailed with many little complexities today, which I am personally so grateful for! It is great to get into this level in the class! Yes, it makes sense…dont hold back!  Some of the classes I have felt you holding back for the sake of presenting things simply, and I understand that too… ( sorry, at times I get annoyed with having to go into things you have taught in previous classes..I feel like time is so short in class). We will have years to go over these recordings and still learn from them.  Learning astrology has been extremely complex, probably more complex than any other thing I have studied, so I know Im not going to always get it the first time I hear it, nor is it easy when I am learning something new. I think that anyone who signs up for an advanced level class like this should be prepared to be a little challenged, and have to practice,practice, practice before it becomes easy. Its good that way…and Im still just beginning  getting it. The more complexities, the more it begins to make sense. I have an insatiable drive to learn this… so I want the hard, complex, deeper class..that makes me think about it all week..

     Looking forward to this form of meditation class! 
    I have an interesting “omen” story to share. Thanks again for the great class! ~C