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The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II Published

After many years of work and creation, the second book that began with astrologer Richard Fish, with extensive additions, organization and editing from Ryan Kurczak, has now been expanded and edited, and is available on Amazon, in the USA and in Europe.

The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II - Front Cover

The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II – Front Cover

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The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II builds upon the previous work and takes us deeper into the heart of Jyotish. This book is based on an advanced tutorial course and is systematically arranged to expand upon the important variables necessary in horoscope analysis. The subtler aspects of astrology are brought to light, enabling the astute student of Vedic Astrology to enlarge comprehension and predictive abilities. Many potent, yet often neglected principles are explained in detail, such as the Lajjitaadi Avashtas. A comprehensive delineation of planetary Karakas and house lord combinations are included to help guide the practicing astrologer towards accurate assessment of one’s karmic state.

Contents Include:

  • Time and Cycles
  • Bhava Charts
  • Planetary States
  • The Non Luminous Sub Planets
  • Subtleties of the Divisional Charts
  • Additional Named Yogas
  • Shadbala
  • Relationship Compatibility Analysis
  • Introduction to Lajjitaadi Avashtas
  • House Lord Combinations
  • Planetary Karakas in Vargas
  • Prasna (Vedic Horary) Astrology

7 x 10″ (17.78 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
400 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1493773114
ISBN-10: 1493773119
BISAC: Philosophy / Eastern

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  1. Hello Ryan. I am glad that your book is finally available. I was able to download the first one onto my computer and was hoping that I would be able to do the same with this second volume. I am leaving the US next week and the mail is very slow in Mexico. So I will order it, however I won’t be back to the US until January. I am looking forward to receiving it then. Thanks for the videos and all that you make available to us. God bless. Jeanine