Introduction to Prasna Astrology

Thank you for all of your patience.  I know those of you who could not attend the Prasna Video Class this past Spring have been waiting for the videos to be released as a class.  It is now available as a downloadable video course through this link.  The Astrology of Omens – Prasna Astrology

Since the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume II has been published I’ve been able to direct my time to editing videos from past classes.  I will aim to have the Vimshottari Dasha Class available in the next two months.  Currently I’m focusing extra time on developing an Astrological App for your phone that focuses on the results of Rahu and Ketu in the astrological birth chart.

Here is a video introduction to Prasna Astrology, which I consider to be the Astrology of Omens.


What would be the result of this action?

What would be the result of this action?

Prasna is an excellent tool to answer our pressing questions in life. Not everyone needs a full astrological birth chart reading. Sometimes we just have one or two burning questions that need answered to help us deal with a situation or gauge if this is the right time or not to take action.  By constructing an astrological chart for the moment a question is asked, gives us insights into the results of taking a certain action. This is the most accurate form of astrology in our current age, because it does not require a client to have an accurate birth time, or even a birth chart at all (although that can be helpful).

This course contains nearly 8 hours of video, using example charts and student interaction to delineate and explain the proper approach to begin practicing Prasna Astrology.  In this class, we will learn the basic principles to begin answering questions using Prasna.

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