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Kriya Yoga Sutras Online Training Webinar for Kriya Initiates

Ketu_Yantra_laminated The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, written sometime around the first century, contain precise information for proper practice of the soul-liberating path of Kriya Yoga.  To our current knowledge, the practice of yoga existed at least three thousand years before Patanjali arranged the teaching into what we call the Yoga Sutras.  His work distilled the essence of the philosophy and technique into four chapters of concise aphorisms that when contemplated, meditated on, and applied provide a direct route to personal experience of authentic spiritual growth.

In this course, you will learn to integrate your Kriya Meditation Practices with proper methods of contemplation to unlock the profound wisdom and power of the Sutras. Through this course, you will explore how the full 8 limbs of Yoga are applicable to your spiritual practices and daily living. The sutras can be complex and require much time and attention to understand.  After completion of this course you will also have been introduced to the proper methods of contemplating and realizing the meaning behind any authentic spiritual text of your choosing.

This online Webinar is divided into 2 separate sections to give proper time to practice and to integrate the teachings.

Section 1 Dates And Times
Sundays, October 5, 12, 19, & 26
9 AM – 11:30 AM Eastern Time Zone

Section 2 Dates And Times
Sundays, December 7th, 14, 21, & 28
7 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

All sessions will occur online via WebEx.  You will need a Free Account through to participate.  All live sessions include Audio and Video.  All sessions will be recorded and made available to participants as an .MP3 audio download within 24-48 hours after each class.  If you miss a class, you will still receive the download and can submit your questions via email to be answered at the beginning of the next class.

 As of this date, there are 4 spaces left.

Participation in the Introduction to Kriya Meditation Training is required to participate in this course.  It is in my mind that after practicing our Kriya meditation, the Sutras most easily reveal their depths.  If you are interested in participating in this Yoga Sutras Course and have not participated in the Kriya Meditation Training, I have made the recordings for that class available as an automatic download. See the following link:

Also, if you have been initiated by myself (Ryan Kurczak), at Center for Spiritual Awareness, or Self-Realization Fellowship and want to attend, send me an email to discuss participation.

You are welcome to reserve your space in both sections or just one section.  The choice is yours.

These classes are on a donation basis.

When possible, my intention will also be to have an additional practice session (via WebEx) during the week to review our Kriya Practices and contemplate appropriate Sutras.  The days and times will be variable to allow as many people across the globe to have a chance to attend.

To reserve your space, please email me letting me know if you would like to attend both or just one section.  Also, advise the donation you’d like to make, so that I may send you a paypal invoice in that amount.  As the date draws closer, you will be sent a WebEx invitation to attend.  Do remember, each CLASS session will be recorded as an MP3 and emailed to you within 24-48 hours.  Even if you have to miss a class, you will still get the recordings.

About Donations: I’m always asked what is an appropriate donation.  Because of this I have begun to give “suggested donations”.  This is based on fees charged for similar classes I have seen others offer.  But do remember, that for me, it is most important that you take these classes and learn if you are sincerely drawn to them. The amount you give is completely up to you, how much you value the information, and your means.  Never, Ever give more than you can comfortably afford.  Ever.  Paying more doesn’t get you enlightened quicker!  Our last class was “suggested donation” at $108.00.  That was for 5 confirmed class dates.  Each section of this course is 4 weeks, total of 8 weeks of class time. You can determine your own amount.  I appreciate your support to enable me to do this work, but again do not shy away because of lack of funds, especially if you feel a great pull to learn and apply the knowledge and wisdom within the Sutras.

I look forward to walking with you as we deepen the process of Kriya Yoga together in the consciousness of the world.

Below you will find a brief introduction to the Yoga Sutras that is from my book Kriya Yoga: Continuing the Lineage of Enlightenment.

Published Early Morning on November 6th, 2012. With C

Published Early Morning on November 6th, 2012. With C

“Spiritual growth is a process of realization and transcendence.  The purpose of the Yoga Sutras is to point the way towards the realization of the wholeness of life and the transcendence of ordinary conditioned states of consciousness.  The system of Kriya Yoga Patanjali outlines is suited to people from all walks of life.  It is considered a Raja Yoga, which incorporates all aspects of spiritual practice into a unified route of inner growth and realization.  These aspects include but are not limited to the realm of work and service, devotional practices, contemplative pursuits, and physical practices to cleanse and strengthen the body.  Ultimately all aspects of life can be profoundly affected by the practice of Patanjali’s yoga system.

Chapter one of the Yoga Sutras explains Samadhi–the absorption into a unified field of consciousness.  This chapter sets the stage giving an idea as to what it means to practice/experience yoga.  Chapter two outlines the practices of Kriya Yoga that enable the overcoming of the obstacles to full spiritual realization.  The third chapter gives insight into exceptional soul abilities that may arise from the dedicated practice of yoga.  In the final chapter the states of consciousness preceding total Self-realization and indications of full spiritual liberation are described.

Traditionally, there were two methods for understanding the message of the Yoga Sutras.  The first method relied on a teacher’s commentary to unlock the abstract and sometimes difficult to comprehend information presented in the text.  The second method relied on the student’s own inner capacity to find the meaning of each sutra through contemplative inquiry.  In most cases, both are necessary for maximum comprehension.  The words of the teacher can point the student in the right direction to grasping the truth, but it is up to the student to gain direct perception of the truth that is implied.  Otherwise, no actual learning takes place.

The format of each sutra is intended to be brief and to the point.  The sutras are not intended to overly engage the mind.  They are signs, which through words, point awareness in the direction of experiential truth.  The mind is not given much importance in the practice of yoga for discovering the mysteries of life.  The mind is a useful tool for relating to the world, and for processing and carrying information from the senses to the witnessing presence of the Self.  Even though the Yoga Sutras are not intended to stimulate more mental activity, in the beginning it is useful to think about them and what their words indicate.  Due to the occasionally abstract nature of the Yoga Sutras this helps challenge the intellect, develop intuition, and encourage coherent interaction between the left and right sides of the brain.  After the mind has had time to process the words, contemplative inquiry into their meaning will help allow the experiential truth to unfold from within.

Diligent study and application of the concepts and practices outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali makes authentic spiritual growth easier.  To gain maximum benefit from the work, first read the Yoga Sutras and commentary in their entirety.  Many concepts are brought up early in the text, but not fully explained until later.  Familiarity with the lay out will help comprehension.  Then meditate until the mind is peaceful and begin with the first few sutras in chapter one.  Think about the meaning of the theme until it is mentally understood.  Then inquire what it would be like to actually experience the truth of the meaning.  When the experience becomes vivid in awareness, rest for a while in the experience.  Repeat this process on a daily basis after each meditation practice.

Always bear in mind that the original language in which the sutras were written is many layered, with multiple levels of meaning. What we understand now, is only one level of their application.  Continuous exploration of the sutras allows the full measure of their potential meaning to blossom, leading to ever deeper understanding of the relationship of our Self and the nature of the world around us.”

Also, if you are not familiar with my approach to Kriya Yoga, my delivery and presentation style, you may want to review the videos on the following site.  The classes will be very similar, with the only difference is that they will be interactive and you have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers immediately.

May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!

May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!