Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 2 – Sources of Strength

Jaimini’s Sources of Strength

Jupiter and Mercury empower a sign to produce.

Jupiter and Mercury empower a sign to produce.

When Mercury, Jupiter or the lord of a sign rasi aspects itself, it empowers that rasi to manifest in a person’s life. Whatever cusp, karaka or pada is within that sign similarly gets empowered to manifest.

If Mercury, or Jupiter, or the lord of the 10th aspect the the 10th then that area of life represented by the 10th house cusp have great capacity to give success in career, status, fame and activity in the world. If it is only one of the three, strength is still there but to a lesser degree. The more sources of strength that influence that 10th house cusp the stronger it will come into being. This will be applicable no matter what house is involved in these rasi aspects.

Consider reviewing this previous video on rasi aspects:

For career specifically, we would be sure to compare both the 10th cusp in the birth chart and the 10th and 1st cusp in the 10th divisional chart or the Dasamsha. We could also check the strength of the Sun, the natural Karaka for 10th house matters, as well as the atmakaraka, and the ruler of the cusps.

If we are considering marriage or a person’s dharma, we would look to see if Jaimini’s sources of strength are influencing the 9th cusp in the Birth Chart, and also the 9th and 1st cusp in the 9th divisional chart (the Navamsha).

This principle is very important to remember when predicting with Jaimini Dashas.

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