Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 3 – Sources of Strength Example

Jaimini’s Second Strength Example

Remember, the sources of strength in Jaimini occur when Mercury, Jupiter or the lord of the sign influence that sign. When one of these planets influence a sign, it is normal. If you have two of these factors, it is slightly above average strength. If all three of these planets influence a sign, that is an extremely strong sign. Also, the dignity of the planets make a difference too. For example, an exalted house lord rasi aspecting its own house can do very well.

One exercise you can do is to take 3-5 different charts and write out which signs are occupied by or rasi aspected by Mercury, Jupiter or the lord of the sign. Note the dignity of each of these planets. Then consider how the cusps in the signs activated by these three factors express in the person’s life.

This will require that you know what each house represents. Please review the house descriptions in The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology or the following videos:

The following chart illustrates a very powerful personality who’s career is extremely wrapped up in their persona. You can see the rasi aspects of all three factors, Jupiter, Mercury and the lords of the 1st, 7th, 4th, and 10th cusps influencing those cusps. AND, Jupiter and Mercury are in excellent dignity.

Chart of a cultural music icon.

Chart of a cultural music icon.

This person is a legend in their field and you can see that 3rd cusp falls in Pisces as well. Not only is their persona part of the legend, but so is their innate skills and talents. The 9th cusp falls in Virgo. The 9th cusp can deal with dharma, culture and purpose. Jaimini’s sources of strength powerfully impacting this cusp helped to give this person a strong sense of purpose (dharma) and make them a cultural icon.

A good third house can give skills in music. This person is a musician. According to Jaimini, the Moon is also said to give musicianship, especially when full. This Moon is just past full, and still very bright in the sky. A bright Moon also gives great popularity.

The native of this chart also has amazing career longevity. They have been involved in their work since their teenage years, and continue to perform, write and win accolades even into the 60’s.

These principles can be carried over into the Vargas as well. Find the vargas where the important cusp for that Varga is supported by the three factors of Jaimini’s Sources of Strength. That Varga will be one that is more active in a person’s life. Please review the appendix in The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology Volume 2 for more information on Varga details.

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