Argala in Jaimini Upadesa Sutras

Jaimini’s argala shows what karmas are pinned to our destiny. They can be activated by Vimshottari dasha as well as dashas particular to Jaimini. The karmas indicated by argala planets will also have a continuous effect on our life experience whether they are activated by dasha or not. We can see this, for example, in a musician. The person will be a musician all of their life most likely. This is due to the karmas indicated by argala. However, when the argala is activated by dasha, musicianship will take center stage in their life experience.

Argala occurs if there are planets in the 2nd, 4th and 11th from a house or bhava cusp so long as there are no obstructers in the virodhina placements. More will be said on obstructers later.

There is also another possible argala placement, but we will not be exploring that due to the controversy around how to properly translate Jaimini’s thoughts on the subject. For the sake of thoroughness, we can at least share the controversial possibilities. Some say argala also occurs in the 5th house, others say the 9th house, both trines.

Argala planets empower the house or point that they influence.

Planets in the 2nd provide the resources needed for success. Planets in the 4th provide the foundation and emotional maturity for success. Planets in the 11th give fulfillment of the desires in relationship to the house in which argala functions.

Literal Translation of Jaimini Sutras, Volume 1

Literal Translation of Jaimini Sutras, Volume 1

The innate nature of the planets forming argala will show the kind of help and strength available. The houses the planets forming argala rule will show what areas of life are giving support. This is applicable to the obstructers too. The nature and house rulership of the obstructers will show where our energies get sidetracked.

Obstructers are found in the 3rd, 12th, and 10th houses from the house or point in question. If there are more obstructers than argala planets, the obstructers will destroy the argala potential. If there are more argala planets, but still obstructers, the argala planets will win out, but will still have to contend with the indications of the obstructing planets.

There are many points to consider to properly judge an argala planet. For example, placement of Ketu in a house can reverse the argala calculation. Also, there are rules for determining if a virodhina (obstructer) or argala planet wins, when there are equal number planets in the argala and virodhina position. For a detailed understanding of argala, please consider reading Ernst Wilhelm’s Jaimini Sutras, or taking his Jaimini Astrology courses.

For now, it can be helpful to begin seeing the basics of argala. Are there planets in the 2nd, 4th, or 11th houses from the ascendant? What do those planets represent karmically? They will show what is pinned to the destiny of the chart in question. Are there obstructors in the 3rd, 12th and 10th houses? What do those planets represent karmically? How might they get in the way of the argala planets?

Considering in this way, will help give you a correct sense of why certain areas of life do or do not give the promise expected from a standard chart interpretation. See the video above for more thoughts on how to apply these basic Jaimini Astrology Argala Techniques.

You can also find Wilhelm’s Ebook translation of the Jaimini Upadesa Sutras and his 1st Jaimini astrology audio class in the links below.

They will be particularly applicable for the practicing astrologer looking for detailed understanding of how to understand and apply the simple yet effective Jaimini technique of Argala.

In this chart argala occurs in the 4th and 11th houses.

In this chart argala occurs in the 4th and 11th houses.

In this chart you will see there is argala from the ascendant.

The 4th house is tenanted by Sun and Venus. The 11th house has Saturn, also causing argala. We can see that Saturn’s argala is not obstructed by any planets in the 3rd. Yet, Venus and Sun have to contend with the obstructer of Moon in the 10th. However, Venus and Sun win out, because there are more planets in the argala placement.

Venus in 4th deals with wealth, luxuries, vehicles, home and comfort. This planet also gives education in legal and political matters (6th and 11th) rulership. Financial happiness and luxuries at home (11th house) are indicated. The Sun also rules 9th which shows moral compass and education and culture. The Sun also shows consistent devotion to one’s family and culture (9th in the 4th). The 9th in the fourth also gives benefits from 4th house matters, such as land and luxuries. The Moon obstructing can show problems due to jealousy (popularity), and scandal due to love sickness (8th house ruled by the Moon) and lack of consistency in career due to whims (8th lord Moon in the 10th). Also, jealousy or scandal will hurt the family slightly since it is 8th lord in 10th obstructing argala in the 4th. But this person’s family matters will prevail, since the argala is stronger.

Again, see the video above for a more thorough description of how these planets actually function, based on their innate nature and house lord rulership.