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Jaimini Vedic Astrology Notes Part 6 – Mars & Venus

Mars Is Not A Separating Factor

Mars - Mangala - is a power of hunger, passion and drive.

Mars – Mangala – is a power of hunger, passion and drive.

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is a natural malefic planet. The proper term is cruel (krura). Mars is a fighter. He has an ideal he is fighting for. That ideal may be real or unreal, and it is often hard for us to tell which is which.

A difficult Mars will show one who chooses fights that are not worth it. A difficult Mars can be very passionate and fiery. If you have a person with Mars in the 10th house, they will fight in their career or for their right to act in the world. A well dignified and aspected Mars will fight for noble causes or will realize that the ultimate fight is really internal and not to overcome some external obstacle. A poorly dignified or aspected Mars will feel vindicated and self-righteous about his opinions and ideals. If one has a strong well supported Mars, the fights one picks will usually be valid and worthwhile. If you have a poorly dignified or starved Mars, take some time to consider that your ideals or opinions may not really be correct and you just may be looking for a reason to wage a war and pick a fight.

If Mars appears to cause separation, it is because Mars’ opinions or ideals has pushed the issue to far and so it breaks.

Mars and Venus Combinations

Ernst Wilhelm says that Mars is like a hunger. Where Mars is placed by house there is a great hunger in that area of life represented by that house. If only Mars is influencing this house, a person may never be satisfied with that area of life. Venus is a great balance to Mars. Venus gives fulfillment. If both Venus AND Mars influence a

Venus - Shukra - Gives fulfillment and satiety.

Venus – Shukra – Gives fulfillment and satiety.

house a person has a great hunger for success (Mars) and also gets fulfillment (Venus). This can be seen by people who strive hard to achieve and then at the end of the day can relax and enjoy the fruits of their work. If it’s just Mars, a person keeps working and working and has difficulty with satisfaction. If Venus influences a house on its own, it does give easy fulfillment. Yet when only Venus influences a house, a person may take for granted that fulfillment or not appreciate it, because there was no hunger towards that fulfillment, and no work was required to have that fulfillment.

Our next exploration will consider the effects of the waning and waxing Moon in astrology…