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Astrological Remedies and Understanding Rahu and Ketu in Your Chart

Last month concluded our 2015 Spring semester.  It was intense and exhilarating. (Interested in participating in the Fall Semester?  See this link: 2015 Vedic Astrology Fall Semester Online Classes)  We met twice a week and hashed out some very important astrological principles.  During one of our last classes we discussed astrological remedies and how to determine which one’s are right and most effective for an individual chart.  Below you will find a general outline from the notes of this class on remedies.  It is an excerpt from the 6-hour section where we explored the detailed influences of Rahu and Ketu throughout the chart.  You can learn more about the nodes and astrological remedy advice here:

Astrological Principles III – Rahu, Ketu, Astrological Remedies and Counsel

Notes on ASTROLOGICAL REMEDIES – Are Jyotish Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yagyas, Herbs, or Prayers best for you?

The positive karmas in the horoscope express with greater ease when the ascendant, its lord, the atmakaraka and its lord have benefic support and predominate in angles or trines and are well supported in the navamsha as well.

Whether adversity or advantage is indicated in the Rashi, it is the Navamsha and Shodamsha that will show if it is accepted with devotion or bitterness. 

ShantiPlanetsA well dignified, well placed Sun in good Vimshopak strength gives beneficial results from light, gemstones, improving structural alignment of the body, flowers and hatha yoga.

For the Moon, visualization, affirmations, healing with plants and herbs, prayer for the well being of others and communing with the ocean.

For Mars, by training and discipline, gemstones, surgery, battles, logic, service through providing problem solving for and protection of others, jnana yoga and the yoga of techniques.

For Mercury, aroma therapy, spending time in forests, studying and analyzing, helping others through mediation, laughing, mantras and yantra contemplation and Self-inquiry.

For Venus, prana rich diet, devotional practices, caring for others, flowers, strength training, massage and bodywork, charity, and the study of astrology.

For Jupiter, studying sacred texts, educating others, listening to and reciting sacred sounds, out door sports, laughter, Rudraksha, gardening and charity.

Saturn, fasting, serving indigent and homeless people, being thrifty, working hard on a regular schedule, routine, vows of silence, thinking of others as one’s self, contemplating the true cause of suffering, taking regular time for rest.”                –Copyright – Ryan Kurczak 2015

If you have a planet in good dignity.  Generally, the remedies indicated by that planet (see above) will show positive results.

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  1. What if you are a male scorpio with sun, in 1st house along with Mercury & Venus retrograde in your birth chart. Can you do the above remedies for Mercury & Venus or are there other remedies you should do?

    • If your astrologer has determined it is Mercury and Venus giving you the difficulties, then you can explore these remedies.