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Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasha Free Video Course

A few months ago, I began a free video course on the Vimshottari Nakshatra Dashas.  I will be posting the basic principles to interpretation of the dasha of house lords as the course is completed.  At the bottom of each post, I will also list the principles covered in each video and also additional principles not covered in the videos.

Here is the playlist of the first 11 videos, focusing on the dashas of each planet as described by Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

In the video below, we will explore general principles of chart interpretation to fully understand the dashas of different house lords.

Here are general principles of chart interpretation to consider when reviewing an astrological chart.

General Chart Interpretation

  1. Afflictions and advantages can generally be determined by assessing how a sign, its lord, a house of the same sign number and its lord are simultaneously influenced by benefic or malefic planets.
  2. The intensity of the affliction or advantage is determined by the intensity, strength and numbers of planets influencing the area of life in question.
  3. One can also consider influences to the appropriate planetary karakas.
  4. Signs and houses represent the environment of a particular area of life.
  5. Planetary lords represent the direction of our conscious force with that area of life and the quality by dignity, avashta etc.
  6. Karakas show the influences and relationship to personal and collective archetypes.
  7. When a benefic planet owns a house, tenants or aspects that house, and the house is only under the influence or aspect of benefic planets, the area of life indicated by that house tends to thrive.
  8. The extent to which the house thrives is dependent on the state of planets represented by and influencing the house.
  9. Planets effect a house with greater intensity when near a cusp.
  10. Planetary aspects show how planets impact each other, with natural qualities and karakaship.
  11. Rashi aspects show how the content of each rashi impact or influence towards the content of the rashi it aspects.
  12. Tajika aspects can indicate separating or joining energies between planets and those things indicated by each participating planet.
  13. The houses and signs show the environment in which the joining or separating occurs.
  14. Planets are strong in good dignity, in trines and angles, supported by benefic planets, consistently well placed throughout the vargas and, not agitated by the Sun.
  15. Benefic planets in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house from a house, and not influenced by malefic planets gains advantage and support.
  16. If the lord of a house is with Saturn and Mandi and aspected by malefic planets and is located in debilitation that house may experience destruction.
  17. A lord with benefics and aspected by benefics and in Moolitrikona or exaltation gets support for the house it rules.
  18. When malefic influences on a house are not severe, it may take time for destruction to occur to the house and lord so afflicted.
  19. When there are only benefic influences to a house and its lord, yet they are weak, it may take more time and effort than expected for the indications of that house to thrive.
  20. When the lord of a house is between malefics and the karaka for that house is between malefics, destruction of the significations of that house and lord may occur. The opposite is true when there is a predominance of benefic influences.
  21. Areas of life affected may be qualified and determined with specificity by simultaneously considering the influences on the karakas of the house in question.
  22. A planet it its own sign, Moolitrikona, exaltation, and in angles or trines, in the Navamsha of a benefic planet supports the indications of the planet as a karaka and house lord.
  23. When house lords conjoin, the areas of life and qualities represented by those houses, will intermingle.
  24. Yoga’s give there results if strong on their own and supported through confluence throughout the horoscope.
  25. The effects of good yogas can be destroyed if a contrary planet negatively impacts one of the planets contributing to the yoga.
  26. Yogas free of contrary impacts can give results fully when both planets are in many good vargas and are closest to 15 degrees of a sign.
  27. Consider the qualities of planets when determining their effects on areas of life by house. The qualities to consider are the elements, gunas, gender, etc. If the qualities are supportive of the action or area of life under consideration, the planet may aid the house, whether malefic or benefic.
  28. Positive experiences of a yoga will occur during dashas of supportive planetary combinations as indicated in the chart and activated by transits.
  29. Negate experiences of a yoga will occur during dashas of obstructing planetary combinations as indicated in the chart and activated by transits.
  30. When different outcomes are indicated between the lord of a house and the significator of a house, the results are generally determined from the stronger of the two planets.


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  1. Thanks Ryan!! I have not yet seen the entire series but I really appreciate for making this available free of cost.I have been following your work since few months and I have all your study materials mp3s and videos as well. After listening to you I bought kala. I have been practising astrology (not professionally though? since 12 years and dhruva galactic provided me with a needed paradigm shift.Now I use both systems for mutual corroboration. Thanks again!