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1st and 2nd House Vimshottari Dasha and General Horoscope Interpretation

In these videos we explore principles based on Sarvarth Chintami and how to interpret the 1st and 2nd houses in Vedic Astrology.  These are applicable to general chart interpretation and to the effects of dashas, because they both work together.

See the bottom of this post for the list of principles considered within these videos.

Video #1 – General Principles of the 1st and 2nd House

Video #2 – 1st and 2nd House Astrology Horoscope Example

Vedic Astrological Principles to Consider

1st House – Body, Personality, Life Path, Health, etc.

  1. If the ascendant lord is friendly to a house lord, the native is friendly towards the people represented by that house. If opposite, the opposite may be true.
  2. A planetary lord in the first house, with or aspected by benefic planets, gives acquisition of the
    The Vedic Astrological Horoscope Reveals Your Habitual States of Consciosunes - This is why everyone's experiences are so varied and diverse.

    The Vedic Astrological Horoscope Reveals Your Habitual States of Consciosunes – This is why everyone’s experiences are so varied and diverse.

    indications of that house.

  3. If that planet is a benefic, the acquisition is with ease.
  4. If the lagna lord is also in the lagna, chances of acquisition is even greater.
  5. This also occurs if a house lord is placed in a kendra and the other variables still hold true.
  6. If the lord of the ascendant is well placed and well supported, all other houses which are similarly well supported may thrive, and negatively impacted houses may be dealt with more effectively.
  7. If the lord of the ascendant is weak, afflicted by malefics or poorly situated, good houses may not be able to give their optimal results and difficult houses may manifest greater adversity.
  8. A weak lagna and troubled lagna lord may be supported by partners or spouse if the 7th lord and 7th house are supported by benefics and are well placed, or similarly by one’s parents if the 9th house and 9th lord are well situated.

2nd House – Responsibilities, Friends, Early Childhood, Income, etc.

  1. A weak second lord aspected by malefics, and lagna lord placed in the 6th, 8th or12th, and aspected by malefics gives a hard life with little comfort.
  2. The second lord in the third, in good dignity and aspected by male planets, gives great leadership, inspiration and persuasive capacity.
  3. If the lord of the 2nd house from the rashi is ruled over by a benefic in the navamsha, the 2nd house lord from the rashi is in good dignity throughout the vargas, one has responsibility over many people.
  4. Malefics in the second house and second lord aspected by or associated with malefics, gives difficulty meeting one’s responsibilities.
  5. A second house and its lord aspected and associated with benefics, and the native’s livelihood supports many people. This is particularly true if the benefic Moon is in the second, and the Moon is in many good vargas.
  6. If Jupiter is involved the support of others greatly increases.
  7. The better the situation of the 2nd house and the 2nd lord, the better one uses accumulated wealth and resources.
  8. Consider the benefic and malefic nature of the ascendant and the benefic and malefic influences on the ascendant lord to determine generosity or miserliness.
  9. When the second lord and first lord are in conjunction or mutual aspect, the houses which they are situated in can indicate a source of income, or the planet most strongly impacting both can give indications by natural karakship or house rulership. Consider that of greatest strength.
  10. It helps to consider both natural karakaship and lordship. If the Sun rules the 9th, one may gain from religion or preceptor or father. If Sun rules the 10th, one may gain from father’s business, government or through one’s own fame.
  11. Blockage to gains can be seen from weak indications of wealth or due to the influences of powerful malefics to wealth related planets.
  12. The house rulership and natural karakaship of the afflicting planets can indicate the source of loss or hardship.
  13. Timing of benefits can be predicted when benefics transit supportive natal positions, when mutually supportive natal planets are activated by dasha, or most certainly by both at once.
  14. Timing of loss or delay can be indicated during difficult transits to important natal positions or due to adverse or incompatible dasha periods between planets.
  15. The 2nd lord located in a trine or angle and with a benefic and in the company of a male planet, one is a great and logical speaker and logically manages one’s income.
  16. This is further increased if the 2nd lord is in the navamsha sign of a benefic and that benefic is in excellent dignity.
  17. Oratory skills and wealth management are further refined if Mercury is with Jupiter or Venus in the Navamsha of Sagittarius, Taurus or Libra and Jupiter or Venus are well placed by dignity in at least 5 or more vargas.
  18. 2nd lord in the 10th house with a malefic, and the Sun in the 10th or 2nd, the native is threatened in public assemblies or is too nervous to speak clearly to a group.
  19. Debts can be noted when there is a malefic in the 2nd house and the lord of the 12th house influences the lord of the 10th and 11th, and the lagna lord is in the 12th house.

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May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!

May Ganesh Clear All Doubts and Reveal the Supreme Eternal Being Within and Around Us!